BY  EWALT AINSWORTH                04 13 2013

Fire one fuh Baby Prince comrade and let us do a collective prayer for the East Coast terrorists…including President Bharrat Jagdeo Inc.  These are times when we all have to take a vow of plurality and co-existence and refrain from being materialistic and judgmental.  But enough is enough is enough.

 And Victoria please be reminded of our abiding indigenous religious teachings …BEHOLD:  I SAW YOU STANDING THERE BEFORE ME….

Love will find its way.

The Plaisance fiasco may be over but instead of things getting better unfortunately things are getting worse.  The Sparendaam police turned a blind eye to President Bharrat Jagdeo illicitly digging up and planting poles in the holes a spit from the police station.  Same scenario a few feet away from the Cove and John police station….a ninety year old woman was raped, buggered and beaten to death as she took a preliminary walk in her home village. 

President Jagdeo has diluted the comfort zones of Guyanese.  Parish Tea normally occurs this time of year and it is the glue that brings all colours, all races and folks from all walks of life … together.  Jagdeo ban dat.

The cinemas…GEM, ANSA, SARSSWATTIE, GLOBE, EMPIRE, STRAND, LIBERTY et al have all folded.  Folks are frustrated and have no place to play and interact and get to know each other.  This president needs immediate intervention or worse will happen.
Sandy-Brandy in a telephone conversation…visibly moved said that he had returned home from a party in Buxton that same morning as Baby Prince was massacred.  He questioned too the layers of security that once were in a previous regime.

From firsthand knowledge …Victoria is about industry and farming and people rising early to catch   SONNY bus and LILBOY bus to take their fruits and vegetables to market.  Guyanese do not rise early anymore.  The integration and color distinctions have become ridiculously visible and so the president has to undergo a procedure of a colornoscopy soon and very soon.  A colornoscopy will rid him of his preferences…real and perceived.

Black communities in all of Guyana and in the diaspora are reeling under immense pressure from the socially and politically engineered deaths from the PPP.

Blacks cannot walk alone or walk about or walk around or walk in or walk by.
They are constantly under siege and restricted to their ethnic enclaves.  JEGGAE was telling me that he broke a record recently…13 days straight presiding over funerals in the Diaspora.  And to make matters worse, he took a week off last week but somebody from Victoria…Bonkia son died after imbibing    GUINNESS and RED BULL.

Jeggae said that he was up in the Poconos taking things light when he got the call and acceded to play at the home coming in East Orange…a distance of about 40 miles from where he was flying Uncle Charlie kite…

Unfortunately when he got to the church there was some conflict and he went back to minding his own business.  In March too Jeggae celebrated the 17th anniversary of his grandmother…Cousin Florrie neighbor and friend of the deceased BABY Prince.  (see picture attached of five generations observing Brooklyn activities for Cousin Florrie).

Earlier too a woman who responds to the folk name…T…left her home early one evening  to conclude an errand and did not return within a reasonable time to her home in the Cove and John pasture.  Her next of kin proceeded to trace her steps and was confronted by three men who had undressed her savagely and were trying to penetrate…this is the best description I can give.  The next of kin was able to pick a paling stave and walloped her aggressors.  One of them was left paralysed.  Would you believe the police want to charge him for attempted murder because the attackers were all Indians; color matters in curry, crimes and culture.

And wait-wait-wait…there is more:  the perpetrators of Baby Prince, after having sodomized with her shit in her face, left her to languish naked in the confines of a neighbor’s yard.  Up to the time of writing the police as usual, were unable to garner leads and suspects.  It is not an Indian woman; even though her child is for an Indian man that is not enough to move the investigation forward.

And with that those of us who know ninety year old Baby Prince personally and like family, want President Jagdeo and his puppet to undergo a  colornoscopy.

A colornoscopy is a mek-up  intervention where you go deep into the recesses of his mind with a scope and tweak between his sense and nonsense and get him to realize that all ahwee is one family.

Just to digress shortly and make the point that 50 years ago when most other ethnic enclaves were up in flames the Prince family sheltered and embraced East Indians.   Victoria barely has people now over age 90 to testify about the closeness and tightness and the reverence and grace meted out in the early years between and among the races.

Cousin Ilene Morris may be the only comrade alive to talk about the inter and intra relationships.  Cove and John…ten doors from where Baby Prince lay naked and her dignity exposed is where  this writer  cut his teeth and learn to pee straight and pitch marble and play dealo and throw cast net and attend Parish Tea.    President Jagdeo has diluted the culture and has aggravated the culture of togetherness.  Jagdeo has also broken the color taboos; a colornoscopy is recommended at this juncture;

Coming back to Plaisance…all the black folks pitched in their two cents for him to resist and desist from taking away the playground.  It was not until former Attorney General and legal luminary Bernard De Santos made a personal intervention and warned him of his rascality that there was movement.  Dem boy she that Santos read Jagdeo the riot act and literally had to etch into his brain his lighter skin color, his place of birth, his allegiance to Plaisance first and subsequently his affiliation to the PPP.  Jagdeo succumbed to the pressure from the yellow man instantimediately.

Better Hope and Baron (BV), are also declining to have the antennas placed in their communities as well.

The spit-press has it that Jagdeo may very well have to move from Sparendaam.  Nobody seems to want him as a neighbor unless and until he completes the intervention of a colornoscopy.

Meanwhile at an initial wake in “Brooklyn theatre was standing room only.  The Princes who had a liquor store and bar on Regent Street set the ball rolling.  Some of the mourners played the round robin game which went something like this:-

A volunteer had to recite a passage from the Bible or raise a hymn and the person immediately after had to conclude.

And so the first person said…WHEN I SURVEY THE WONDROUS CROSS….. fill in the blanks.

The next person would slay…. ALL TO JESUS I….

And then the next person…. FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE….

 A time came when a certain comrade said confidently and vociferously…. BEHOLD.

Everyone was stumbled and in unison they all recited the BLUES BUSTERS hit of the seventies…BEHOLD   I SAW YOU STANDING THERE BEFORE ME AND NOW I HAVE FOUND THE WONDERS OF MY GLORY  Here is the video in living color.  ASOMELYKAM




4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mark Steele on April 15, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    Sent: Fri, Apr 12, 2013 9:02 am

    Dear Victoria Family,
    Friends of Victoria Village Secretary and Board Member, Rose October-Edun has lost her aunt in a terrible murder at Victoria Village.
    Hyacinth Prince, popularly known as “Baby Prince” was 92 years old and a very well known and well loved member of the Victoria community.

    Please keep Rose and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

    I will provide further information as it becomes available.

    Claire Ann Goring


  2. Posted by francis jackson on April 16, 2013 at 9:24 am

    ‘it makes me want to halla’ lord help us. Sad, Sad, Sad.


  3. Posted by jeggae on April 16, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    Victorians, be strong. My sympathy to all dem Prince family.


  4. Posted by Nellie w on April 16, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    The pepetrators need to beaten to death tie them up at the FourCorner and take turns to deal with them the same way they did poor cousin Baby .My deepest sympathy. To the Prince. Family


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