They say wise men came from the east.  President Bharrat Jagdeo is a by-product of the twin city of Unity/Lancaster and if for any reason you are on the east coast kindly glance left;   the left leaning iq-592  former  President Bharrat Jagdeo may have his sights on that building, that playground or open space in your community.

Jagdeo has a weakness for sweetness…things left behind, things left-handed lefties and leff-leff.  Plaisance will not give up and or give in; they did not send and call him and he should have had that un-common wisdom a year ago before he moved in to see beyond his nose and plant himself in an ants nest.

As we speak President Jagdeo is embroiled in a battle to covet the Plaisance sports ground as part of his private estate and residence.  He has mandated long time Plaisance native and Junior Minister Juan Edghill to fight on his behalf…pitting blacks against blacks.  Edghill is confused and has divided loyalty; the ancestral invisible labor of his community of origin will eventually win come what may.

Ruction Plaisance is in this for a fight.  Jagdeo has to cultivate an attitude of contentment and not resentment.  It is his entrenched resentment…anger…the need for more that is shortening his life span.  The invisible labor of those before him… that foresight and vision that is transforming him into a greedy goat.  The question is…where will the children play after he usurps his authority eh?

The on-line chatter among the natives was tumultuous over the last 72 hours.  Backing off was the greatest thing the greedy hawk has ever done…it was far better than being shoved off.  The Profitts, Lucas’, Zammitts, Inces, Eastmans,  the Allens,   Grahams, Hendys, Ninvalles and scores of other tribal warlords who were willing to  convert their tax refunds and uproot and re-route every e-antenna.  ASOMELYKAM.

(CLICK HERE FOR DEMERARA WAVES PRESS RELEASE:  Edghill’s meeting with Plaisance residents on E-Governance tower disrupted 

Relationships are rarely ever cultivated after arguments and or during confrontation.  It is about time the iq-592 Presidents learn to calibrate good neighborly relations in Plaisance and elsewhere and be mindful of invisible labor practices…in other words exercise tolerance and diversity.  The PPP has no class and does not care about the physiological, physical and mental health status of Guyanese anywhere and everywhere.

And if you think I lie ask anybody with a second mortgage eh?   Depending on your station in life you have to have that ability to foresee things and plan ahead.  Animals are always aware of their surroundings and calibrate their actions based on what is happening around them.  But not my President.    Depending on the vagaries of the moon, he makes decisions and unfortunately none of his cohorts have the guts to pull him aside and tell him how shallow and hollow he is.  Jagdeo also seems to like to hit below as a poppy show and denies ethnic enclaves recreation and sport.  Jagdeo does not even hum folk songs because they embrace patriotism.  Chutney is his gig because he gets a chance to wine outta-time,  … man in front and man behind.

Plaisance is undergoing counseling right now.  The religious communities over the Easter weekend were asking their congregation to exercise grass root restraint and allow time and space between themselves and President Bharrat Jagdeo.
At risk is the coveting of the spacious and ancestral playground for the people of Graham’s Hall, Goedverwagting, Sparendaam and Plaisance combined.  And if there is a month of Sundays anytime, the folks of Better Hope used to utilize the ball field and kite flying citadel in Sparendaam.

A mere year ago, President Jagdeo fraudulently coveted the open spaces immediately behind the landmark Sparendaam police station and playground.  It must have occurred to him  in his sleep or inner mind’s eye that there was a population of everyday people that honored certain basic rights of education and recreation.  Plaisance did not send and call Jagdeo.  It is he who inserted himself on the people.

Jagdeo must have taken drives to the community and see the young people kicking ball and raising kites and plaiting maypole and rounders and volleyball in addition to any  other contact sport.

There is a thing called invisible labor.  And that is quietly plotting in your mind’s eye how things will look ten years from now.  Husbands when they meet wives among the first question that is asked…how will we look in five years eh?  Employers usually asked potential employees in the interview process…where would you be in the next cycle eh?

Invisible labor is that quiet mulling over your spiritual self in relation to where your resources, will andf strengths will take you.  President Jagdeo seems to lack this ability.

And in case one has forgotten…in the period after independence in 1966 “Burnham had given up his ancestral home in Kitty and moved higher up to Belfield…a suburb of the People’s Republidc of Victoria.  And as soon as he arrived Belfield BECAME A BRAND.  The Murphys’,  the Collins., “”Bag-rice,  the Majors, Cuffy and a ton of others all plastered on their homes slogans…the house that casreep built;  the house that mango built and the house that pepper sauce built.

Cecil Ram and Choke and Seepaul,…. Shilling and Grita and Marilyn Moses were all catapulted into entrepreneurs because when the people were happy as leader…it was reciprocal.

President  Burnham started  a renaissance movement   People were put to work;  it wa produce or perish.  Under Jagdeo is cut and run.    All the open lands were cultivated with rice, housing, fishery ponds and the famous clay brick factory.  GRECO…the radio and electronics factory was also started because Burnham interacted with the people on a wholesale basis and helped them funnel their dreams and invisible labor into reality.

Jagdeo has done nothing for the people of Plaisance.  He should be endearing himself to the people so that they can be the first line of defence rather than coveting the sports ground and maliciously digging it up because he has the default of government behind him.

Commonsense goes a long way; the uncommon sense of familiarity and family goes even further to meld and weld prosperity and sincerity with a dash of goodwill and tolerance.  These are lessons Mr. Jagdeo has to learn in a hurry or else his days will be short upon the land.  ASOMELYKAM.


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