BY  EWALT AINSWORTH                                        04 01 2013

WARNING:  This is not an April-Fools DAY joke but the PPP has introduced its own model of sequestration.   President Donald  Ramotar in consultation with former President  Bharrat Jagdeo  has  court martialled at least four of its young senior GDF  officers and  is bringing in former Burnham  TSU and  Special Branch head…Deputy Commissioner Mentore to head a ten-man management team for the police force.

Another 100 officers will know their fate shortly.  They are being fired because they allegedly consulted with lawyers for a bonus they were denied in their last paycheck.

This fallacy in the administration is putting the security apparatus at risk.  

The coolie people thiefing and sending their money to Cyprus and Qatar and Spain.  Now that those economies are faltering and  now that the Cypriots taxing their investments at an average of 60 per cent, the PPP  mafia-gang  start to get basdsadie;  black folks are feeling it. The PPP hurts and steals and then turn round and rescue you.  This is called the Polaroid effect.   Immediately after the picture is taken the portrait and or profile looks blurry but with time, the real thing appears.

This God don’t sleep.  A wicked leak and Polaroid snapshot reveals that more than 84 persons from Guyana have had their once private accounts slashed in half.  Most of the money come from remittances in the sale of lumber and gold and bauxite to places like Russia, China, Turkey and a few eastern European countries.  Arnon Adams is the only black man this writer knows on a first name basis who has visited Cyprus.  Getting him to talk is like pulling teeth.

Guyanese are now seeing the true picture of the PPP and are running like hell and filling in the spaces with a few old heads that were disappointed with Burnham. Informed sources claim that the administration does not even have a Polaroid picture of Mentore.  His claim to fame is that when scores of guns and ammunition showed up along shores on the east coast Burnham panicked;  Mentore cut and run and sought refuge in the American embassy.  They later employed him as a security apparatus.
Guns are showing up everywhere in Guyana for the last 20 years.    Car salesmen, as an incentive to get people to buy cars, are offering guns.  “Cigarette and coconut vendors outside La Penitence market, Parika and Port Mourant market are also offering to thei regular customers taste and buy promotions for guns.

Former Home Affairs Minister Oscar Clarke was shot in his groin recently and a US military trained medical doctor on vacation in Guyana during lent was shot and killed on the Corentyne.  Scores of US investigators touched down and launched a mammoth investigation.  A Polaroid shot of the suspected person that pulled the trigger revealed that the assailant was put to hang while in police custody.  This fracas has also incentivized the appointment of Mentore, a trusted US informant to head the  newly constituted  GPF management team.   Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee will not be a part of this robust gang.  ASOMELYKAM.

Somebody told President Donald Ramotar that that his life is in limbo and further went on to say that the same coolie people he is protecting wholesalely will celebrate his death by declaring a national holiday.  Last Wednesday…Phagwah Day, President Ramotar celebrated by engaging in Phagwah activities with Head of  APNU…David Granger.  The person who informed him about the death threat had to remark that “the day they kill you that day will be the coolie holiday.”

President Ramotar seems to be under political assault from several other quarters.  Reports are also suggesting that the Polaroid demographics…the people who worked with “Burnham and still alive are being drawn into the fold and are being given senior level positions to appease the APNU and AFC.

At the last elections the PPP got less than fifty per cent of the vote but proceeded to furnish one hundred per cent of the cabinet and parliamentary positions.  Disenchanted old men…the Polaroid types like Norman Mc Lean, Shridath Ramphal,  Robert Corbin and Haslyn Parris…just to mention a few are being handed advisor positions and land deals on a platter.

This April Fool’s Day too Plaisance is in uproar.  They are planning to swat and block traffic outside of Sparendaam…official residence of former President Bharrat Jagdeo.  Apparently Jagdeo tek-way the Plaisance sports ground for security reasons.  He feels so threatened that a few kids in the park and the hosting of a maypole festival or two is enough to harbor terrorists…a misconception that only a fool like him can concoct.

And to make it look real and authentic Jagdeo has exercised his imminent domain powers and is excavating the prominent park to put down transmitters.  Some are beginning to feel that Jagdeo may eventually have to have neural surgery and have his mental health status checked.

PLAISANCE IS THE ANCESTRAL HOME OF Eddy Grant and Hugh Hamilton and War-Boots and Cuthbert Monchoir… all Polaroid era stalwarts.  All these men are offended and will join the line if push comes to shove.

And the final salvo in this memo is that CARIBBEAN AIRLINES is cutting staff and restricting the amount of flights from New York to Guyana.  Formerly,  BEE-WEE the airline has to expend too much to keep drugs off its planes at Timehri.

CA whenever it is about to land in North America additional staff with security vests and dogs and pigs and even specially trained roaches have to be mobilized to sniff passengers and cargo out.

Polaroid cameras and personnel cannot do the trick of keeping drugs at bay.  Drugs are showing up in intestines, wigs, blankets, curry, fish, fruits lumber…you name it.  Let us hope that Mr. Mentore has the guts to start a top-down investigation for drugs rather than a bottom and bottoms up process of enhancing the image and quality of life issues for Guyanese.  ASOMELYKAM.



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