By  EWALT AINSWORTH       03 28 2013

Edwin "Bumble" Moses

Edwin “Bumble” Moses

And when Edwin Boyd Moses’ death was announced in the cradle hours of Sunday morning everything else paled.  Nothing became easy.  Edwin’s net-worth was his network…his attitude was always gratitude.  And it showed in his gait, his family, his professional associates, his countrymen and comrades of every ethic stripe and endeavor.

A mutual friend at 1.29 am that fateful Sunday morning re-engineered a familiar thought…When my father’s friends die…it’s a statistic but when my own friends die…put away the dark and lovely.”  His argument was…we know not the hour or the day but with good deeds and a great attitude navigating the territory is job one.     

Edwin was a fraternal twin with twice amount of energy.  He had more salt than most other people had rice.  My initial contact with him was when he played every conceivable position as part of the  BUXTON UNITED under 16 football team.  And we became real close as students at the Government Technical Institute.

Edwin was in the engineering bloc while I settled for commercial law along with police superintendent Lashley,   Linden Smokey Green and Sidharta Darshan….friends for life. Many an evening we would hop on the TATA bus and sit next to prim and proper ladies who lived in deltas beyond and above Mahaicony.  Any where the wind blow we used to go presenting our resumes and planning to lay hands on the suggestible chicks.  … (man sport).

Edwin earned himself the nickname SATCHMO…like the jazz musician always inventing new bars and seurs and innuendos never knowing where the music or in this case journey will take him.  This was called direct marketing with an aura.

Still in the raw 1970s, the relationship became more solidified when he came to Victoria as the first manager for the re-invented and rejuvenated GUYOIL GAS STATION.  And in the village he earned the name GUN-OIL ….a deliberate play on words because he was weaponised and enjoyed fish braff (broth)  as a daily diet.
And when he moved to Barbados it was tantamount to a criminal offence to visit the island and not check in with him.  Edwin served as the informal and parallel Consul-General.  He later moved to Canada and I recall vividly him seeking me out three times between and betwixt his work schedule as a roving security expatriate.

Easter of 2008 we should have met at the funeral of another mutual comrade…Ms Dawn Small in a town called Petrona…way behind God’s back.  At the last minute he cancelled because of a medical mix-up.

In our respective busy lives we talk verbally on the phone and when I told another mutual friend about his spiritual and religious aptitude…her remark was… “He turn holier than basket; you better take warning.”

The stories are many and the journey was always productive.  Edwin’s attitude was always gratitude; and for that the colony of civility and camaraderie will tilt to the left…  talk half leff half.

FARE THEE WELL YOUNGMAN.   (Here is the official announcement from family –   Edwin Boyd Littleton Moses funeral arrangements and contact information).


SWAMPP DOGG  – IN MY RESUME…live extended version

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