PRV Mourns Mymoon

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PRV Mourns  Mymoon                  03 13 2013

By Ewalt Ainsworth

The People’s Republic of Victoria…PRV is waiting in great expectation for a home coming ceremony for their kindred spirit and comrade Mymoon.  Going forward the local community may experience and endure moonshine, a full moon, a honey moon and or a baboon-skin but never again, Mymoon.   She died in her sleep at the vulnerable age 0f 73;

Gentle Jesus throw way the mould of that daughter from Enmore who with salt, coconut, pepper, garlic and geera,  thyme and  lime  used to make big men lick they finger.

Mymoon was a woman of industry and class that has grown both obese and obsolete.

The entire home was a marketplace and the children learnt early-o-clock to make change, live independently and be tolerant in diverse PRV. 

Mymoon is survived by Angie,  her only daughter…a citizen of Venezuela who now resides in Orlando, Florida.  One brother, Albert, preceded his mom while Jolyon lives in Georgia and on assignment in Chicago.  PANKRAJ…his bad name died two decades ago but maintained the aura and overt competence and confidence of an Assanah.

Immediately after independence in 1966 the Assanah family came to enhanced prominence.  Uriel Assanah in sourced Guyana’s first radio and electronic factory employing as many as 300 corporate employees at one time.  Mymoon did not join the company but on her own in concert offspring set up a major canteen and on-the-go food restaurant incorporating rice flour, plantain flour,. Cassava, eddoe, channa eggs et al.

Mymoon was a distant first above and beyond according to village lore in the PRV Cecil Ram convinced President Burnham to ban potato and eat eddoe but little did he know that Mymoon already had the recipe for creole foods and import substitution.

Mymoon used to  cook a wicked fry-fish with banga, butter fish and snook from the sea…walking distance from her entity.  On special occasions and or on request when she applies heat to the sauteed hassars, the hassars would come alive and bubble and prance in the hot penetrating coconut oil.  And the bird pepper…it used to burn two place.  ASOMELYKAM.

Mymoon was my neighbor and with my hands across my heart the village imbibed all that she offered.  Mymoon was multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-stage multi nice and coulda multi task.
Sometimes we would have the kids with the homework, cooking,  parceling out food for delivery while making change for the person in front of her and never missing a beat or giving wrong change or short change.
And my favorite song on the WURLITZER PUNCH BOX was ‘E7’….PRECIOUS PRECIOUS.  She also fried baigons with a mean shine rice enhanced by thin slices of  bhoop and toll….breadfruit.

The only ingredient that did not come from the village was the mango for the hachar;
The President’s men used to sneak a variety of fruits and  vegetables and buffalo milk to supplement the oil-down and metagee.

Saturday 16th March there will be a home coming ceremony in Florida.
For more details please contact the immediate family.  FARE THEE WELL YOUNG LADY.

Dean Fraser –     TOP TRACKS


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nellie w on March 16, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    Thank. You for your update doing a good job


  2. Posted by Nellie w on March 16, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    Yes my sympathy goes out to the family


  3. Posted by jeggae on March 18, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    go walty, asomylykum.


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