Four GDF officers sue Chief-of-Staff for bonuses



Four GDF officers sue Chief-of-Staff for bonuses

Demerara Waves – March 10, 2013

Four Guyana Defence Force (GDF) officers have sued Chief of Staff, Commodore Gary Best for his refusal to pay 2012 bonuses that had been awarded across the board by Commander-in-Chief, President Donald Ramotar.

Chief Justice, Ian Chang on March 12 gave Best until March 19 to show cause why the orders being sought by the military officers should not be made final.

The officers want the High Court to quash the Chief-of Staff’s decision to withhold the payment and issue a mandatory order compelling him to pay them forthwith.  

According to the officers, Best had no discussion or jurisdiction to place any restriction on the payment of the money. They said the Commander-in-Chief, in granting the one-month pay-out, had not imposed any restrictions. Therefore, the officers believe that the Chief-of-Staff’s action was beyond his legal power and authority, arbitrary, null, void and unconstitutional. The officers who have filed the action against the Chief of Staff are Major Leslie Ramlall, Captain Romo Joseph, Captain Lancelot Fraser and Lieutenant (Coast Guard) Andre Cush.

Attorney-at-Law, Abiola Wong-Inniss is representing the officers.

Demerara Waves Online News ( was told that four other officers, who had originally decided to be parties to the lawsuit, have since decided to drop out. Sources say at least 100 members of the defence force have had their bonuses withheld but the court decision would affect only the named defendants.

The entry of the High Court Marshalls, though under escort to Best’s office, is said to have raised some eyebrows in the Secretariat.


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