Venezuelan born – Mariah Carey – Can’t Let Go

CARACAS IN LIMBO         03 06 2013


There is a vibrant cross cultural and cross border community in the North West District of Guyana and Venezuela.  And now that President Hugo Chavez has passed on, there is a growing tension:  how to carry on without the godfather … between and among the warring tribes for supremacy and valor?

Originally speaking, those who worked in the manganese industries and post-Jonestown migrated to Caracas and Maracaibo.  These were skilled workers including engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers and dentists.  But more recently there was an influx of barefoot smugglers, petty thieves and prostitutes.  President Chavez in February of 2004 came to Georgetown and had man-to-man…dictator-to-dictator dialogue with President Bharrat Jagdeo about the illegal shipments of petrol essentially with the ownership rights of Essequibo as the backdrop.      

President Jagdeo never did anything to curtail or restrict the cross border trade and on face value, it seemed as if it intensified with Guyanese barefoot business men smuggling guns, alcoholic beverages, detergents, food, building materials and other utilities.

One is not so sure post passing of Chavez that the new administration will be tolerant of Guyanese.  Chavez gave Guyana a sweetheart deal of gasoline at US .49 cents per gallon; Jagdeo retails the same gasoline for an average of US 5.00 per gallon.

Wait; wait; there is more.  Chavez, to encourage interior development and to ensure that there is equity and equality outside of Caracas, sells farmers and miners and loggers gasoline at an average of US .10 cents per gallon.  Jagdeo without shame provides Army coverage for the Big Boys of smuggling to go in and purchase the subsidized fuel for resale to miners in the tributaries off the Orinoco and Mazaruni rivers.  There is also the illegal sale of “fuel markers” used by the Customs Department so that the smuggled gas appears as having been imported with taxes duly paid.

On Friday March 8, President Donald Ramotar who also has a vested interest in lumber and gold smuggled between Caracas and Supenaam, will be officially mourning the loss of a decent dictator and his supporters who put the needs of poor people above and beyond the needs of their pockets and cell phones.  The only good thing that will come out of dem two attending the funeral is that Robeson Benn will be able to displace Prime Minister Sam Hinds for a day or two.    TALK HALF LEFF HALF.

Meanwhile coming out of Melanie, a young lady…maiden name “Teacher Pam” Robinson, is now discovering that she has siblings in Venezuela, her age.  All her life she thought that she was the only child for her mom.  Today on Facebook her Spanish speaking siblings in Caracas are trying to button hole her in case push comes to shove and they have to return to their ethnic enclave in Guyana.

And as a parting salvo, the father who does not speak Spanish is complaining to his Guyanese daughter that “they talking me name.”  And why not?



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