BY  EWALT AINSWORTH                02 26 2013

The PPP in the two decades it has misruled Gt   has been episodic;  the PPP has been  exacting taxes on the backs of visible minorities and public service employees. Instantimmediately the PPP should OPEN  a narrow window to get all categories of home owners  as a one shot, to make payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT)  to a central authority to take care of the environment and keep the city clean.

It is standard fare in the mental health stream that once clients lose their marbles the first thing that does go is the hygiene.  
Guyana is in a bad shape.
Cows falling down just so…dead, dead. dead after imbibing red plastic bags and Styrofoam cups.  And the flies are blue and the mosquitoes are green and the stench is like when you burn wet wood ants nest…piled high and deep.

The PPP should also stop talking about eco-tourism and start talking common sense and lift the self esteem of all its children and give them hope and not dope; make the kids heroes rather than zeroes.  It is not too late to mend their broken minds and show them the value of a hard day’s work for a handsome pay packet.  Diversify the economy from corruption to cooperation.
Ruralites, riverian communities, mining districts, smugglers, farmers, drug lords,
Cabinet members, politicians nefarious and other predatory types  must be compelled to pay into the pilot project without exemption, race, religion or any other qualifications.
Every home owner must be made to pay and simultaneously a massive program to restore values and a forward thrust into civility must be job one.  The security forces cannot contain the society and it is just a matter of time before the society implodes; nobody wants that.

There is no plan on the horizon to bring any modicum of civility or good neighborliness or shared growth and development.  A pilot programme to ensure that there is fairness in the marketplace and basic standards is a great start to increased production and productivity.

The cumulative effect of gross neglect is a dirty city, get-away crime spree, domestic violence, poor education results and a general and genuine decay in standards.  Now is the time to implement a  payment in lieu of  taxes (PILOT) project to underwrite cleaning the city and environs.
Guyana now has more hotel space than it has class room combined affecting nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.  Hopetown has hotel; Jacklow has hotel; Queenstown has hotel and so too does Goschen.

There are more prostitutes than policemen/women.  There are more crack heads than  puppies and more people go to bed hungry than there are school children.

Also more homeless people than public servants and more Guyanese live abroad including CARICOM countries than are at home.
But Barbados has plans for them.  Talk half/leff half.

The shortage of jobs is the trigger for everything dumb, defiant, dead, deviant, dysfunctional, diluted and deceptive in the iq-592 republic.  People live by their wits and no one should be trusted irrespective of their status, race, class, size or perception.  Deceit in Gt got gangrene.
The economy can be right-sided if only each citizen, each comrade is made to  make q payment in lieu of taxes.  Nobody does self help anymore and nothing is free.  And even when you pay…caveat emptor.

Nobody knows anymore where Georgetown begins and where it ends.  Nobody knows anymore the value of their property.  Nobody knows anymore where their children are or the mental health status of their spouses.  Nobody obeys the laws of civility and good neighborliness.  And that is because of unabated restraint and corruption perpetrated by the PPP administration.

Things have gotten out-a-hand and black folks especially are being punished and penalized and being made to pay more in taxes when in fact there is a bigger scheme to enrich non-public sector workers.

In Mon Repos, Mainstay, Mahdia and   Moruca new properties have more value than in Providence and or Prashad Nagar.  Properties have more value than incomes permit and yet still the government is not making moves to arrest the situation.

It is with this imbalance that a one-time payment in lieu of taxes is proposed.  The Army can be solicited to implement this program in concert with a deliberate plan to introduce GPS and other mapping devices.

Guyana has more than US 80 million dollars in property taxes that are left uncollected. Through guesstimates, we will allow for a pilot of only two per cent of the value on each property irrespective e of location.  Amerindians have traded in their benabus and benabs for mac-mansions but yet still the President is not moving to tax them.  Instead he wants Linden to pay and Stanleytown to pay eleven dollars to cross the Berbice bridge.  The city too has more garbage piled up than the height of all the lantern-posts combined.

It is not that the city and or environs are dirty but the PPP administration is unclean and not willing to implement a doctrine of fairness, equity and equality.

Going forward into new elections and shared governance on the horizon some preliminary work must be done to ensure that there is equal access and a fair rate of taxation.  Do not get the impression that this writer has something against big house and big land; the problem is  negating the gains of those who were slaves.  In slavery, all the blacks were employed and were able to save their pennies in wheel barrows buying entire swaths of lands and villages.  Victoria is a great example.

Some communities became self sufficient but now because of the short sightedness and maliciousness of a few, commonsense has been trampled upon and morality has gone through the bathroom window.  And when there are no values there is mayhem, crime and abuse.  Poverty is induced and the people suffer.  Suffer no more people.


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