PAY-TO-PLAY  ANTHEM          02 20 2013



And if the language is to be taken literally the consortium of Guyanese former employees of GAC may never, never ever get to haul passengers from Timehri to Toronto; Timehri to New York and or Timehri to Jamaica.  The PPP has reached a dangerous ben(n)d…pay up or be disconnected.

Pay to play or guh-long-yuh way is the new national anthem..   Uncle Benjie…a computer and Gizmo specialist with deep roots in Hopetown was one of the first afro-centric business men who had shifted millions in investments to Gt and had to scamper off after losing cutlass and ‘guana.  Uncle Benjie can’t believe up to now is not butter as he cultivates a new business plan in Miami and grows fresh locks as a bald head Rasta.     

The ‘iq-592 republic has been ‘coolienised’ and irrespective of your vision, investment portfolio, ancestral heritage, wisdom, faith, professional décor and sexual preference…you have to be coolie first or pay to play.’

The Transport Minister Robeson Benn is now asking for the birth certificate, baptismal paper, school leaving certificates,   DNA and medical files of the  FLY-JAMAICA  business executives in addition to their bank statement, accounting procedures, business plans and two million dollars up front.

The last time the Transport Ministry asked for a deposit of money in accordance with federal and international standards, only a percentage…ten per cent was paid and in the name of a business executive in Gt.  The check was post dated with a caveat;  do not deposit until instructed.  In any case EZ-JET still got permission to come and go and now it is gone.

The prognosis for FLY JAMAICA ever making it to the land that gave them birth seems remote and outlandish.  Delta has pulled out to make way for the patriotic airline but the businessmen and drug lords that influence change in Guyana are now seeking and giving SURINAME AIRWAYS preferential treatment.  (C;OCL PM ;OML TP  STPRU FPR  siroma,e aoarwaus).

It is no secret what the jagabats in the PPP administration can do; is-pay-to-play or gwaan-yuh- way.  And if yuh think a lie ask former health minister Dr Richard Van West Charles.  At the beginning of this year affectionate son-in-law of  former President Forbes Burnham, ‘VW’ had to move his proposed medical school from Guyana to St Lucia.  Training started earlier this year with scholarships offered to students from the region including Guyana.  But this is not the worst thing to happen to VWC…he cannot even contest elections unless he satisfies a seven year requirement of having lived in the country and  never leave the country eh?

The Chinese on the other hand can come across the seas in charters, pay up front and get preferential treatment and get contracts for building hotels, airport, television station et al.  ASOMELYKAM.

This same February month…the birth anniversary of President Forbes Burnham almost saw a cover story on the amassed wealth of President Bharrat Jagdeo.  The saving grace was the  brand name of the spread sheet;  FORBES MAGAZINE.

This is second-hand information.  President Bill Clinton pipped Jagdeo for the lead story on pix by declaring that he earned some fifty-five million after leaving office.  Jagdeo apparently did some maneuverings and from all indications…a year after leaving office, may have amassed more than Clinton.  The Forbes people asked Jagdeo to submit receipts, bank statements sand deposit statements he may have made in Qatar and Cayman Islands. …seems to have thrown a monkey wrench in the foggy business model and tool box of the Gt president.

In any case Jagdeo’s policy of creaming stuff off the top has not changed and will not wane; not now or anytime soon.  The fly-JAMAICA consortium seems to be doing brisk charters out of the sister CARICOM country.

Sometimes a little love is better than no love at-all.  Further, is only in America that the pursuit of happiness is guaranteed;  in Gt the pursuit of money gives muscle to the  FBIs (flat behind Indians).


Mighty Cro Cro – Blackman (Dey) look fuh Dat

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