THE OTHER WHITE MEAT           02 14 2013


Guyana meet where it going; is Chinese hammering and cross-threading and reproducing the other white meat in the ‘iq-592’ cooperative republic.  Linden cannot get a licence for TV but the recent influx of East Asians underlined by the all-inclusive menu of Chinese workers on development projects.  There is a marked absence of local workers and protests by the unions and politicians seems not to be making an impact on the reversal of this trend.

Chinese proliferate and dominate in the plural society of GT as  President Bharrat Jagdeo in combination with President Donald Ramotar isolate themselves behind bamboo curtains and  stack the races as classes as a sandwich with trailer-loads of East Asians as the other white meat. 

Black folks have been put on hold as promises of jobs as cleaners, cooks. bus-boys, valets and receptionists are held out as assurances of deferred employment.  The concept of development support where the beneficiaries and local community do not have a say in the conception, design, construction and implementation is negated.  Sounds like a dictatorship eh?  If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, sounds like a duck…a Peking duck that is, it sure is another white meat eh?


As a chamar Indian, Jagdeo is doing to his fellow Guyanese what was done to him in his formative years in the ethnically challenged community of Unity….21 miles east of Georgetown.  Unity was sandwiched by Anns Grove (aka Korea because of a war like propensity) and Mahaica.  Mahaica too had a reputation of confrontation and so the conditioning was bad.  Scores of families depended on subsistence fishing and farming of leafty vegetables and root crops including Jagdeo’s own family.  The rearing of animals and birds was almost discouraged in the era around Mashramani and for independence when Jagdeo was growing up.  There was also a stigma of cock-a-beh attached to the community and if he seems arrogant now that he has matured, he is for the reasons listed.

In Unity too there was no access or interaction with general society unless and until the area hospital sponsored film shows and movies on the sprawling Mahaica hospital campus.  This irritated him.  All the functionaries in authority were whiter including the spouse of former Governor General

of Guyana, Sir David Rose.  Now that Jagdeo has become President, he wants to reinstate the same contained and contaminated colonial configuration but is time using Chinese and East Indians as fillers…the other white meat.

Don’t laugh.  President Jagdeo is extremely confrontational and malicious…in that order.  He has an appetite for confrontation instead of collaboration and this is playing out in the theatre of governance.  Unity people were always contained and had to sneak around incognito for fear that their true identity and authentic self is exposed.   There is a certain propensity to build by estuaries just like the location of the Mahaica hospital in relation to the Marriott near the mouth of the Demerara River.

More and most vividly is the construction of the Marriott hotel.  Perhaps too one can take a look of some existing paintings of the hospital complex in Mahaica and see the similarity in the architecture that he is pushing.

President Ramotar on the other hand is slightly different and disappointing.  Mr. Ramotar has no skill set and passion for anything but at the same time, he is ferociously tribalistic.  He has brought Essequibo valor via illegal smuggling of lumber, mining and fuel from Venezuela.  Ramotar has also championed Charity as the region’s biggest one day drug-fest and cultural tent…bigger than Parika; bigger than Skeldon and bigger than Mon Repos.

It is the items that do not sell on a Monday at Charity that filters into the spaces and kitchens of families of every ethnicity, race, sexual preference, religion and region.  On any given Monday, more than US three hundred thousand dollars in goods and jewelry changes hands.  No taxes; no restraints; no conditions…broad haggling takes place.  And now that new cargo and commuter vessels have been launched in Region Two, soon and very soon transactions will surpass the US million dollar mark.

Neither of the presidents has command and control of what is happening within the borders of Guyana.  These two leaders are emotionally derelict and are willing to turn both their backs and behind as more and more Chinese filter in and assume leadership positions in the black market frenzy.  They are no longer trading in dollars and sense; they want gold and diamonds…they are also not prepared to drop pennies like  Canada…they want gold and diamonds….the other white meat.

It is not strange to see and hear the chairperson of the GNBA, Ms Bibi Shadick   saying that she does not know or has never seen records of the Chinese asking for television rights.  The Brazilians too in Guyana have been able to get their own radio and broadcast programs.

By next year this time the Chinese would have completed the airport and the Marriott.  Next item on the agenda may be the zoo.  It may only be the penguins and lions and pandas they will import.   The monkeys and donkeys may come from right here as the other white meat…call name and I would whistle. ASOMELYKAM.

Linden, an authentic black community, gets lowra.  All the other white meat communities can come and get a piece of the sandwich except the  OGS…original gangsters  ASOMELYKAM.

Reggae lovers nostalgic mix 2012 – Featuring   Pamela Maynard


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