PLANTATION AYR                         02 04 2013


In 2012 and in the month of January so far this year in every category that statistics are kept, Guyana has surpassed its targets… one a day…except for the economy.  Last year too, the economy unofficially grew by two per cent (2%) after adjustments for  human rights compliance, social security, extra judicial murders,  plundering, smuggling, bribing and pilfering.

Dem boy confirm that “two per cent is milk” and if a value is given to the deaths on the streets and in the Mazaruni and other plantations of the richest two per cent group, Guyana is in deep du-du.  Guyana ranks a photo finish to Mugabe’s plantation, Zimbabwe.  Indians are a visible minority in that African nation and after the economy collapsed and blacks corralled the plantations owned by the whites, the Indians fled in large numbers.  Something like that is happening in Guyana.  Blacks are forced to make sacrifices sometimes to their own peril and demise while Indians uproot their jandee flags and  take to the skies and urban metropolitan communities.  

From all accounts the plantation like economy depends on deaths as a foreign exchange earner. Funerals in GT is a recurring decimal; is a fete; is a bagwat.  Some agencies have stopped giving time off for deaths.  Death announcements proliferate the airways and the regions now have offices strictly for the dead.   There are also choral groups, performers and one-man bands that does just show up and demand payments in US cause they know family coming in and the grand finale is always something to treasure in the land of many waters and sufferers.

Could you imagine Oscar Clarke being shot half a dozen times in his groin et al eh?  Oscar is an even tempered big man and general secretary of the party who has never said a thing in defence of the slaughter of his community with his eyes wide-open-shut eh? Every Guyanese knows both one awaiting burial and another one just buried.  As a matter of fact the only industry the PPP ent managing yet is the funeral industry and that is because it is cheaper to cremate and burn and dispose of the ashes. ASOMELYKAM.

Guyanese Indians now own baker shop, making black pudding and souse, doughboy, cook up rice, shine rice and shingle.  The Portuguese have lost the franchise for garlic pork and coconut oil and black folks have stopped being citizens and have become wholesale consumers.  Getting a black woman to cook is like pulling teeth; they only cooking if the ingredients are shipped in or air-dropped.  Cooking on the plantation is a rarity.  Some even prefer death than face the fire….another reason for the multiplicity of domestic violence and death by natural causes.

In the iq-592 republic you talk, you get rub out.  You sing; you get silenced.  You tweat, you get deleted and if you see, yuh cork duck in the plantation.  That is the way it is and so shall it be under the PPP.  Corruption is the national game and killing a business model

Sometimes you have to quietly ask if the killings on the roads, on the rivers, in domestic situations and the shootings are all calculated and a deliberate master plan to delete visible minorities from the ‘iq-592’ landscape.  There may have been a slight reduction in shootings…thank god but the shortfall is being made up in the bush and on the roads in multiples.  SEE STORY ON MON REPOS ROAD ACCIDENT. [click link below]

Teen driver in Mon Repos crash faces four charges

More and most unfortunate is the plantation like system of the landed and corrupt classes perpetrating the crimes and the police and legal system not being proactive and fair.  Talk half, leff half.

Let us all forget collectively about the numbers killed and focus slightly on the trauma caused to those who survive.  And by that I mean the Mc Rae family in Victoria for example.  Joan Mc Rae had two adult children and recently, she lost both of them to death by natural clauses…vehicular homicide.

As noted in the report above, -over the weekend, Shondell Yaw was killed after an under-age,  unlicensed drunken driver emerged from a side street and drove into the pathway of an oncoming mini-bus….two died, 17 injured.  The presiding magistrate at the Sparendaam courts, released the driver after stipulating  a US 25.00 bail.  Not even the accused could believe his bail was so low.

The Yaws…originally from the Pomeroon, also lost another sibling…’Buckie’ to vehicular accident.  Every village, every plantation can tell of a childless mother who lost all her children to the protracted wickedness of the PPP.  Already in the schools and colleges and office campuses there are visible shortages of men.  At gas stations women are manning the pumps; do not be surprised to see them with warashees on their backs and lungitaas between their legs soon and very soon.

And some of you will recall too that during the 4th quarter of last year in the satira killings, Trini Osbourne…the Buxtonian who was shot and killed on Laluni street, was one of two children of cousin Pearl.  Cousin Pearl had sent her last son to Trinidad so that he can be away from the fray.  At one time too they tried to implicate Trini in the killing of Brian at the gas station and as a Christian woman and knowing the quality of education she imparted to her sons…sending him away was not enough.    She even adopted a girl later.  Fine-gold was her call name.  Cousin Pearl is now deceased after feeling that her living was in vain.  The older brother died too by natural causes…vehicular homicide.

These stories of death by natural causes at the reckless hands of the PPP, is so plantation like.  In Plantation Ayr…normally called ‘number-40’ village on the West Coast of Berbice recently had a slight trauma nobody died but it was like if it happened.

The long and short is that a big lady hopped on a mini bus after deplaning at Timehri and the driver gave her a verbal undertaking to deposit her at her front gate in  “ten to twelve songs.”  And he did.

Apparently, by the time they got to Garden of Eden, she fell asleep and never caught herself until the bus pulled the turn by the Weldaad police station while the  10th song was playing.  She jump up after the bus careened and screeched around the turn asking….”driver, I pass Ayr nuh?”  His retort….”ask the conductor…when I driving I don’t check pon who pass gas and who pass air?

The driver never knew that the right name for ‘number-40’ is Plantation Ayr.  All of Guyana has been squeezed into a plantation like mentality where one group of people own the lands and convert the fruit leaving the skins…the ravellings for the broader masses to consume.  ASOMELYKAM.



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