BAREFOOT BOWJIE              01 27 2013


Last year about this time there was an unusual situation in a Phillipino doctor’s office in the Diaspora.  A barefoot bowjie almost made the doctor amputate the wrong breast.  The doctor asked her… ”Which side?”  Her response was …”da side Left” meaning right.

It was a good thing the intern was Guyanese too and was able to translate and bring the query to a responsible conclusion. 

Prior to this incident the Phillipino doctor used to brag and boast about his familiarity with the Guyanese culture after having worked there for more than a decade.  His first wife was Guyanese too and after she sneaked him and took him to the cleaners, more and more he is beginning to realize that they must not be trusted.

A new thing in Canada and Brooklyn and Queens….   ‘Iq-692 business men thru a reciprocal arrangement get their Chinese counterparts to acquire prominent premises in malls, urban squalls and suburban sprawls…all part of the money laundering gig.  Americans fear Guyanese because they too bright and so they use Chinese and Vietnamese and Indonesians and Malaysians…and still shaft them.

This pre Mashramani season, the Chinese are celebrating the year of the snake but with the volume of mining accidents, deaths, robberies and exploitation of the East Asian community by the Guyanese coolies, scores of them are leaving.  Even within CARICOM, some countries are rejecting, ejecting and dejecting East Indians because of their nefarious life styles.  Guyanese Indians are sacrificing their wives, children and everything else so as to get a big house, a big car, a big fridge, a big TV and a big hole that their sphinxter muscle cannot control.  ASOMELYKAM.

Last week scores of un-documented East Asians, not understanding the Guyanese culture and a set of bare foot miners met a watery grave in the majestic Mazaruni river.  So far ten black youths have been fished out and found lying on the banks but another 40 folks suspected smuggled in are not being identified.  Surprisingly   Mining Minister Robert Persaud, anyday now, may issue a fatwah … new ground rules for navigating and traversing the waterways and by ways when all the time black people are being massacred, imprisoned, killed and it is of no concern to anyone.

The Mining Minister like the PPP before him, is both a reactive force and reactionary farce.  Pre-emptive management is not in their song book and they are pushing barefoot miners and their spouses to their early deaths all in an effort to fortify their addictive selves.  Little barefoot boys and girls who can barely pee-straight are pushed by the economic circumstances created by the PPP government to eek out a living in the bush where there are no rules and the ‘who-you’ bird and anta banta become a student’s companion.

Chinese once you let them in to your community do not reinvest.  They save every cent and more and here is where their Indian counterparts nail them and rob tooth and nail.

Indian women have a distaste for small pricked men but the Indian men cotton on to their East Asian counterparts in the food, laundry, salons and opium trade among others.  They also follow them into the fields of occult and medicine and are eating the entrails and extremes of animals…chicken feet as bare foot assistants.  Chinese men swear by a chicken foot soup like how a Jamaican swears by a cow-cock.

Last year, in the heat of the winter Gaitree brought her mother to the doctor.  The first two visits were preliminary and that February morning, the bare-foot old lady showed up on a timely basis and so on and so onl  The doctor asked her how she felt and about the transition from the tropics and so on and so.  He further asked her what she had for breakfast because it was a fasting procedure he had to conduct and her response was….”bare-tea.”

The doctor was thrown for a loop with that response but the nurse practitioner…Guyanese of course, had to step in and explain…”she mean all she had was a  little bit of tea without milk or sweetener or without bread or biscuit.”

The doctor apparently thought that his patient was a substance abuser and was having  beer in the mornings for  breakfast.  Guyana has gotten to the stage now in which when it is dealing with East Asian communities, the labor laws, bank statements and almost all official documents have to be written in a language peculiar to the client.

East Indian bankers at local banks in the ‘1q-592’ republic have ripped off the Indonesians, the Phillipinos, the South Koreans and the Chinese business community.

These East Asians were given all the right incentives to come live and do business in GT but upon arrival, had to ‘burst-and-scatter.’  The Presidential team that solicits them brought them to swell the numbers for elections.  The PPP for the first time won an election that it lost because the PPP knows that whoever counts, wins.

Last year about this time too, the wife of President Donald Ramotar made her first and last public appearance with the cameras rolling.  The barefoot bowjie promised to do so much for the visible minorities including Chinese but never for blacks, was just another gaffe.

It is only on a Sunday that the family would sit down for an ethnic dish of dahl and rice but all other times, is Chinese fare boxed in and slipped in by guards who instead of fighting crime, are assigned as waiters, bus boys and delivery servicemen.  ASOMELYKAM.


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