Redjet, Ezjet refunds being processed

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Redjet, Ezjet refunds being processed

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol   Demerara Waves
Friday, 04 January 2013 17:02
Several persons seeking airfare refunds due to last year’s collapse of low-cost airline, RedJet, have submitted ineligible claims to the Public Works Ministry, a senior government official said.“I know that some of them might not be legitimate because we are presently looking at those requests and we found out that some of the tickets were bought in Barbados and other countries,” Principal Assistant Secretary in the Aviation Ministry, Derrick Jodhan told a news conference.  Guyana is refunding tickets purchased locally, the official reiterated. He said RedJet has provided GUY$25 million to refund 715 families. Redjet, according to Jodhan, has dispatched another list of paid bookings for GUY$8.8 million for 263  persons including Online and at the local Digicel office.He said the total could be an estimated GUY$8.9 million “We are scrubbing the list and verifying between ourselves and RedJet so that we pay,” added Aviation Minister Robeson Benn.

RedJet last year March announced that it was suspending operations but has effectively shut down because the airline remains grounded almost one year later.

Meanwhile, authorities have set a January 14 deadline for passengers, who had purchased EzJet tickets locally, to apply for refunds now that the airline has been declared dead. Its Chief Executive Officer, Sonny Ramdeo is facing US Federal fraud charges for allegedly bilking a payroll company and diverting the cash to his airline.

Jodhan said the Aviation Ministry has already received 240 requests for refunds amounting to more than GUY$20 million.

“We are receiving applications at the moment but we are not considering them until we get the total applications which will close on the 14th of January,” he said.

Ezjet began folding operations in early November after the carrier ran into deep financial troubles and was unable to pay leasing companies for aircraft. The crisis deepened when an American hospital chain, Promise HealthCare, sued Ramdeo for fraud and worsened when the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) moved in and arrested Ramdeo in Brooklyn.

The Guyana government has since negotiated with Caribbean Airlines the placement of additional flights on the New York – Georgetown route

Busy Signal interview on time served in prison (Nov. 2012)


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