Rodriguez – Crucify Your Mind – with David Letterman


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                 12 28 2012

Happy New Year (ny) from the Diaspora…New York (ny) fuh short.  Permit me please to dump and lump the music and artiste I caught myself listening to….SIXTO RODRIGUEZ… For the New Year.  (SHOW LINK TO TOP TRACKS FOR RODRIGUEZ… see below).

These songs of despair and disease and dis-ease were recorded in a different place and time and era, but is oh so relevant today especially in the yard where security is just another word that has been neutered and made obsolete by the PPP.    

Guyana has fallen off the moral, fiscal, spiritual and educational cliff.  The collateral damage plays out every day in the streets with gun-toting citizens stocking up and declaring war on themselves.  West Coast Berbice used to be a paradise and the home of security operatives but all those boys and girls have moved to new York and; are sending back greetings this new year…check your local channels to see them in leather jackets and leather upholstered LEXUSES traversing the freeways and decorating their driveways….ASOMELYKAM.

And may I add that all your desires real and perceived become reality “as soon as Granger (ASAG) comes thru or “as soon as possible (ASAP)…whichever comes first.

Right now Guyana needs a wake-up call.
The diapers of the government need changing.  The security apparatus is weak and the ‘iq-592’ brainiacs seem to be enjoying the corruption-frenzy…. slackness and devolving status of the revolution.  PRODUCE OR PERISH.

Guyanese cannot continue lumbering under the stench of a dirty city and an ugly administration that facilitates killing of its own people. WESTERN UNION or CAMBIO or LAPARKAN should not be the premier or premium emblem for survival.  Schools should be reinserted as knowledge sharing campuses and  the dint of hard work and sacrifice must be guiding instruments for change.  There is security in doing for self.

There should be a clarion call for a gun buy-back program like Philly or Chicago and put some fresh money in the hands of citizens so that they can jump start their lives in the new year.

In the diaspora scores of families were able to make the pilgrimage home after being fleeced by EZ-JET.  These folks were able to take their guns to supermarkets and established depots and raise new fares to come home and swank and shake their assets.  Truth be told that the pilgrimage home is no longer about masquerade and pork in rigor mortice but selling out the ancestral assets and rubbing the pennies together as America redefines itself after a looming fiscal cliff.

Long ago folks used to use their bonuses to come home.
These days things tight…tight like a teacher gal puss in a lace up boots.

A long time ago too when Manhattan was ‘boyhattan’ New Year’s Day on the East Coast was the big fete at Cove School.  Syncopators with Tom Charles and Eddie Hooper and  Harry Whittaker used to blow way the blues and ring in the New Year.  Folks used to throw box and come out with their best dan-dan and reunite and re-establish oral traditions.
The police never had guns and fights used to be hice up and lick down.

There was a certain mutuality and camaraderie that surpassed all understanding.  One great memory was Shackle…barely had enough money to pay the entrance fee and could not afford a beer cost of fifty cents.  A man took an empty bottle and washed it out at the pipe, and everybody threw a mouthful of beer in that bottle to make a full premium banks beer.
Later that same year the two became one.  The parties were stepping stones to raising families and promoting values and virtues in spite of the desperate economic situation at the time.

New Years day too higher up in the country used to be punctuated with rallies and  ‘meet-the-people’ tours from Ithaca to Profit.  Burnham used to mobilize the enitire cabinet and heads of divisions to fan out and get dirty between and among Region Five folks.  Scores of policemen and soldiers were recruited from that New Years day exercise.  I can call name up and down Belladrum and Litchfield and Hopetown and Blairmont who benefitted as teachers, civil servants, bank employees et al.
Scores of others too were given a chance to go to the Agriculture school and Trade school in Linden and even got scholarships to go overseas and become vets and engineers and scientists and donna-whats-not.  Micro loans were given to farmers and a GMC truck was mandated to buy all that the farmers from creek and the coast can produce.

Two decades ago when statisticians and development planners in New York and strategists huddled in the heat of the cold weather to plan for the New Year…gun control used to be the main item.  New York even up to a decade ago with a population of nine million, averaged 2,400 deaths per annum as a direct result of open air gun-fire.

As the new year dawns the population remains the same but with stricter gun control laws, direct-impact deaths from guns has been reduced to 450 per annum.  Guyana with a population hovering slightly over half-a-million in 2012 from all estimates, recorded more open air and direct impact killings from gun shots than New York, Philadelphia , Baltimore and Maryland.  Chicago is the only state that Guyana has not surpassed.

And some intelligent questions of the 592 (iq-592) have to be answered.  Crime rates cannot keep escalating and rising and nobody is saying anything about it.

Guyana does not even keep a log of all the gun owners in the country.  Venezuela and Cuba recently entered into an arrangement to manufacture Soviet made AK-47s in the region.  But this project had to be put on hold because the respective affected governments expressed concern about smuggling of guns to and in Guyana.  Again the intelligent question is why the proliferation of guns in Guyana?

Hear this answer coming out of the mouth of a Toronto-born 14 year old girl who was recently in Linden for a wedding.

From all reports, the young lady who is old enough to make love but not old enough to be married went to bed several evenings hungry.  The home she was staying with was made of concrete and exceptionally hot because of ventilation.  The 17 or so inhabitants at all times were unable to dress fully and food could not be carried over because of the heat.  There was also not enough electricity and money and fruit trees to supplement the meager earnings of the breadwinners in the home.  The visiting posse was only able to bring so much and no more.

Other relatives, neighbors and friends lived in wooden structures but because of food scarcity and sporadic food shortages chickens and ducks and small animals like goats and sheep and pigs were not in the yard to absorb fallen fruits and vegetables.

In other ethnic climes like Lusignan and Canje where they visited, residents had bigger yard space…almost double the sized than in traditional black communities.

Residents on estate communities also had bearing fruit trees, kitchen gardens and paled yards.  Chickens were able to keep away wood ants and mosquitoes and earth worms which all impact directly on people’s attitude one to the other.

Cooking in black households has now become a chore and in Indian communities a convenience.  Long time people used to kill a duck and pull some eddoes and jinghi or saijan and mek-a-pot.  Not nowadays.  Tensions run high and conversations do not apply.  All issues are resolved at the barrel of a gun.

And when a relative decided to bring her some coconut water, the farmer shot the nuts out of the tree.  And when they wanted to change the color of a mascobee duck, the bird was shot from 20 feet away.  A pera or a mortar & pestle are no longer symbols of domestication in Guyana; it is a smith & Wesson world we all live in.

In schools and all kindergarten teachers are imparting the letters of the alphabet by demonstrating and illustrating with guns…A FUH AK-47 and B FUH BULLET and so on…  and so on.

Guyanese are living by their wits and gunshot deaths are recorded as “death-by-natural causes.”  ASOMELYKAM.

Top Tracks for Sixto Rodriguez

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