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NUTRITION  BY ATTRITION           12 29 2012


Wrap your head around this ‘iq-592’ actuality/story.

A coz from overseas visited his old-aunt in Zeskendren, Mahaicony.  When the grand nieces and nephews and god-children saw the robust fella rolling thru the pasture, in harmony they all started crying bitter tears with green snat mix-up-mix-up.
Granny intervened and was very perplexed and so she asked a collective…”why alyou crying eh?”  And in unison they all replied…”Uncle does eat nuff and if he eat, none gone leff fuh we.”  Children are very perceptive and that is exactly what happened.  They got their belly full as soon as uncle turn back out.  

This new year, politicians, police, priests, p(b)andits, pundits and poke-heirs just want more Guyanese and drug enforcement operatives to  leave and leave them alone so that the little that is left, can go around and come back round.  It used to be such a joy to eat from your own back yard and show off your culinary skills especially if you been to Carnegie.  Getting Guyanese to cook is like pulling teeth; nutrition by attrition.

Now, men have to pay their women cash money if they want them to cook or bake or clap a roti.  Cooking is the root of all malcontent, discontentment and maltreatment in homes.  And when there is food, there is harmony and connectedness and a collective will to co-operate and be healthy.  But when food does not come thru the front door, values, virtues and Volda does go thru the back door….vip-vip.

Another big woman…I almost said “a lay-out iguana” …tell her boo to his face that her marriage vows said “in sickness and in health and not in food.”  And with that she asked the not-working-millionaire  to leave…nutrition by attrition.  Now that the man gone, is four and five meals a day.

This week a police sergeant took it upon himself to ramsack a house in Wakenaam when no one was at home.  On their return, the homeowners discovered all the imported food and beverages from abroad was gone; nutrition by attrition.

Food has become the most expensive commodity in Guyana.  Water is more expensive than gasoline (2,00 a quart) and cow’s milk…just as expensive is only available in country areas.  Farmers make more money planting weed and growing grass rather than raising animals and vegetables. NUTRITION BY ATTRITION.

At the Police officer’s mess in Eve Leary, the same thing could be said for all the attending officers now that Commish Greene is no longer around.  Nutrition by attrition is the big word.

Looking ahead slightly into the news (new) year Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Presidential Secretarial Dr Roger Luncheon would leave office.  He would not be replaced immediately but all his regular duties including meeting with the press would be conducted by President Jagdeo himself. That said and out of the way President Donald Ramotar would murmur and grumble in the background and confide in some of his Hindu friends about the gross disrespect and gross mismanagement of the ruling party and government by President Bharrat Jagdeo.
Ramotar does not trust him further than he could spit.  All of this is triggered by Jagdeo having his hands in too many corrupt-pots at the same time and as a result the electorate suffers.

And that is putting it mildly.  In this New Year INTERPOL, FBI, MI5, CARICOM and other regional security outfits would revisit both the Ed Ahmad and Sonny Ramdeo corruption episodes.  A link will be made to the appointment of Brian Tiwari as Guyana’s Honorary Consul General to Spain.  Inside information suggests that Tiwari’s appointment is nothing more than a scam;  having a man on point in Spain to money launder and micro-manage illegal sales of lumber, gold and cocaine in Europe.

A major regional commercial bank with operations in Guyana is also front and center in this ring.  Spain has a robust inventory of foreclosed houses triggered by financial crises affecting the euro.

A house normally sold for two hundred thousand can be bought for 90,000.  And what is enticing, foreigners can buy and get automatic residency.  No visa, no credit history, no job, no background check required.  This has pushed the money men into Spain.

A year ago, Mr. Tiwari pushed his hand in his pockets and bought a two million dollar home at half price as a gift to President Donald Ramotar.   Earlier, Tiwari was given on a platter 100 acres of land aback of  Providence but apparently Engineer Willis…who is not black, blew the whistle and has been sanctioned by his employers.

Whistle blowers are short lived.  Attrition in state employment is enforced up and down the ranks.  Mr. Derek Rodney from NIS was kicked to the curb after he denied benefits to President Donald Ramotar.  In this New Year the word on the street is that NIS will fold unless there is an injection of emergency funds.

Guyana’s unemployment is double that of Spain…Spain is approximately 26 per cent.  There are no plans to launch new industries or expand mining any time soon.  Trinidad wants to plant rice and other crops in Guyana but this seems to run counter to local policies and prophecies.

Guyanese prefer to have their heart rate pumping thru back track and smuggling rather than plant and grow their own food.  The PPP by attrition also can get professional and skilled workers to feed them information and back-bite and call it intelligence.  All of this is deliberate, planned and will be sustained in the New Year.

New York for example, when the PPP came to power in 1992 used to experience an average of 2,400 deaths annually by gunshot.  NY’s population still remains the same at about nine million.  In 2012, NY only experienced 460 gun related deaths.  Guyana with a population hovering around half-a-million had just as many deaths by gunshot alone.

The government has not moved to rectify this situation.  Guyana used to be a net exporter of food and now it imports everything from sardine to salmon along the food chain.  Dog food is also high on the list of imports and in this new year, half-a-dozen big business men will convert their outlets into pet food and all nite dog food chains.    When I come again is strictly as a barking-dog.


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