By Ewalt Ainsworth

Dysfunctional, dreadful and dependent is what the PPP government is about.  And this became pellucidly clear at the airport as throngs and throngs of Afro-centric Guyanese with bulges in their bosoms, laden hand pieces and smelly suitcases with carcasses of both birds and animals got thru customs easy-easy-easy. Processing in was simplified but simultaneously obvious that it was ‘food-less-food’ that will be carried forward into the new year with an intoxicating effect worst than the spirits smuggled in, backtrack. 

Industrial and imported food is now being misappropriated as love as  slick Guyanese bring in all that they can eat at no extra cost.  Self sufficiency is now a bad word and cooking from scratch an excursion into archaeology and slavery…in that order.  The mortar and pestle and massala and cow-mouth have all become emblems of poverty; clapping roti and swamping the rice have also been excluded from the lexicon and misappropriated by the PPP.

And the counterparts who ferried small engine parts, digital equipment and hand tools were delayed, denied and deprived of their goods and equipment.  Morocut from Alaska and butting-fish (goat) from Australia were all shrink-wrapped and had expiry dates in bold print.   Kitchens became cells of joy, high rank and smell and the government was put on a back-burner.    Food is a weapon to silence and a tool to own and control the ill advised and potentially sick nation.   High values were slapped on without rhyme,  rhythm or reason but believe in your heart  of hearts that it is all put on you by your Government so they can own you.

Ownership is key.  Every farmer in every part of the world put his sheep or cows out to graze in the morning and in the evening, opens up the barn yard for their return.  It is at that juncture that the farmer milks the cow.  Guyanese are demoralized and dehumanized by this government in the same way.  It is only good virtues that can ease the pressure and stresses applied.

A Mahaicony man was talking about perseverance at KING SOLOMONS Christmas party.  He said that “perseverance mekk dog buggar cat.”  As a collective we have to persevere and change the trajectory in 2013.

Stress is induced as a ploy to take your soul and getting you to hate and hate.  The more you try to avoid the hate, the more intense the effort and degree of the stress.  Stress is about character building and the more stressed you are, the more likely that you will end up in a hospital, develop mental illness, drive faster, lose limbs or have broken relationships.

Try getting your hands on the statistics of people killed on the roads, shot by police, murdered, raped, in the mad houses et al and see how far you will get.

Growing up on the East Coast there was a specialty hospital in Mahaica.  The only way you will know residents from that community is because they walked with a limp after losing a limb.  Your President comes from that community and he allows foodstuff to come in by crates, in barrels and in suitcases almost un-noticed and un-authorized….do duties are paid.

At first blush one would be tempted to say…that good but on the flip side, food has a curse.  During the Christmas season, cameras were not allowed in the Georgetown hospital.  More people died during the Christmas recess to the New Year recess than any other season throughout the entire year.

As a people we are impoverished and the PPP is not doing anything to help and make Guyanese well.  In July when there was turmoil in Linden, all the doctors and nurses were sent on vacation so that the folks who were assaulted and gunned down by the  TSDU, by the time they get to Georgetown, they will all be dead.

With that in mind, all the professional nurses and doctors at the Georgetown hospital have all gone on vacation right now and the customs officers are waving in all the foodstuff from foreign.  Earlier too, twelve million US in gold was being smuggled out to Curacao to illegally bring in Heineken and corned beef from Europe.

The former Agriculture Minister in Guyana, Robert Persaud was given a lateral transfer to Environment and Mining…the two most important sectors in the country.
Persaud single-handedly destroyed GUYSUCO and now the biggest gold heist in the entire hemisphere was conducted while he was at the wheel.  ASOMELYKAM.

Going forward, Guyanese will have to get into the habit of protesting.  Protesting does not mean going into the streets but going into the garden and dam beds and roof tops and capturing  the sun and growing more food.

Stress is also a test…a test to find out who you belong to.  Stress also reverses sovereignty and weakens character.  The PPP is in the business of hurting and then turning back to rescue and embrace but be warned that their cruelty will only last as long as you allow them to.  For heaven’s sake do not allow their rescuing you become a permanent condition.  AMEN.

In this New Year more Guyanese have to get into the habit of not carrying over…bringing forward their emptiness, doubts, fears, depression and recession.  Too often the leadership structure upsets you and he-de-she that UPSETS YOU OWNS YOU.

Winners like TRUTH but 20 years after the fact, there is silence.



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