Stories of survival have begun to emerge now that most if not all the 27 victims in the Connecticut school massacre have been buried.  Apparently the mother of the 20 year old shooter was a shop-a-holic and had conditioned her son…the shooter, to think that the world would have ended on 12 21 2012.  The mom who was so taken in by her beliefs became almost paralyzed and unable to perform usual chores except shopping.

Adam’s mom was a coupon specialist and bought everything off the rack and on line and hoarded everything because she felt the end was near.  We all know somebody just like that and so the psychologists and psychiatrists and economists and gun associations will have to retool and rethink their next move after the shopping holidays are over.  

In recent weeks, the divorced mom, who gets a subsidy of USD 350,000 from her New Jersey based Wall street tycoon husband, stocked up on water, food, guns, ammunition and other essentials …just in case.  Every waking moment was spent ordering and buying more stuff and stocking up.  The son felt trapped and did not want other children to experience the same pain and shame and headed to a nearby school and unleashed a barrage of bullets injuring and killing others.  Adam has also changed the political landscape as it relates to guns and security worldwide.  (see link to an ECONOMIST article below).

This may be a good time to Segway to Sonya (with a Y)…my Indo-Guyanese friend who went back to Guyana a few short nights ago on a ‘red-eye’ flight.

Sonya was in New Jersey for all of her three weeks’ vacation with her ‘toothpick’ which started sometime after thanksgiving but never contacted me until she was ready to leave.  And so I had to get it straight that she was leaving on the 19th from her leafy suburban domicile but actually departing JFK on the morning of the 20th, December…for obvious reasons.

And so this writer visited with her and we catch up on all the commonness and slackness and she cook and we eat and wash-down like first time.  Intermittently she fielded calls on her cell phone telling other friends and family how “things tight” and how she did not even have space for “ a message.”  Sonya was aright.

Fast forward to departure at the gates at JFK.  This writer accompanied her to airport and her 16 year step-son who was born here, was going with her to experience a Guyanese Christmas.

Sonya had everything well packed and well weighed and had as her carry-on piece her work uniform.  Well…bear with me…..Sonya was travelling back the same day she was supposed to resume duty and on the plane changed from her ABE CROMBIE size 8-jeans to her SCOTIA outfit and name plate.

Everything went well as planned but once she went thru Customs, the lil black boy get delayed.  He has a US passport and did not have a visa for Guyana.  Sonya was able to convince the supervisor who he was and signed a few forms.  But while all of this was happening, another operative with gloves on both hands did a detailed search of her step son who is a first year university student pursuing a program in computer technology.

Sonya herself had brought into the country in her suitcases a million packets of the blue-tablet ALEVE.  Now that she comes back, she would have it repackaged and resold on the male dominated market.  Sonya was waved thru but the little boy was detained and so she is asking a capital “ WHY?”

She knows the answers and muttered on the phone overnight that the Guyana government is emotionally and emotively driven and is almost helpless and lawless in terms of fairness, equity, equality and balance of intellect.

Commonsense did not enter the telephone conversation the night of the phone call from Guyana as she admitted that “if deh is to hold anybody they shoulda hold me.”  Expletives too are downplayed.

All the lil black boy had was some advanced computer programs and game boys with a battery pack and tripod andf some other ‘fine-dangles.’

The Guyana airport has new scanners and protocols for incoming passengers to generate revenue.  But it is so inconsistent with commonsense.  It costs fifty cents to cross the Demerara Bridge;  houses in Guyana over the last two decades can be retrofitted to capture solar energy to provide alternative power for all domestic consumption.

Last month  a wooden sloop was  hijacked off   CURACAO with approximately 12m dollars worth of gold bars.  Some four thousand (4 000) cases of Heineken is smuggled into Guyana daily and nobody talks about it “but yet still dem want approximate value on a game-boy.”  Try and imagine where Sonia wants the government to kiss.


Newtown’s horror  – article from The ECONOMIST magazine
Drastic gun control could make a big difference in America. Small measures can help a bit
read more »

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