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Announcement: Orin Moses Death Announcement <click

Some 40 days and 40 nights after the demise of one of Guyana’s foremost and eminent insurance underwriters… ORIN MOSES, his family and inner circle are still tight lipped.

Orin was masculine in his thinking but feminine in his will to live.  Twelve years ago when he sustained his first stroke, BLACK-MOSES as he was fondly called, did not take precautionary measures.  Orin still pursued a vigorous life style and surpassing all goals, real and perceived.

Two years ago, he was humbled and immobilized by something worse than cancer; more lethal than a heart attack;  he became a medical refugee in the sunshine State of Florida.        

Friends buzzed him at their own convenience and his wife and two sons had to grapple with his slow and painful deterioration in spite of efforts to make his recovery smooth and effortless.

This writer was an immediate neighbor of Orin on Greenheart Street.  A little heavy around the waist but swift in his emotional self…whatever that means…. Orin was ambidextrous.  He was most vocal and vibrant when with friends; he enjoyed good company and companionship.  Moses has ancestral roots in Mahaica, East Coast Demerara and was a mathematical genius and avid sports illustrator/historian.

His wife Ingrid who made a private and personal call to inform of Orin’s demise, is also battling medical challenges as we speak.  Both boys are now with her and with faith and an unshakable will, her return to good health will be almost possible.



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    To: Waltie Ainsworth
    Sent: Tue, Dec 25, 2012 9:28 am
    Subject: Re: Revised Moses entry

    Hello Waltie, I heard about Orin’s passing. I know him very well but was never able to trace or confirm if there is a relationship. You may not know – I have a brother whose name is Orrin (2 rs).

    Orin is not from Mahaica. If he was I would certainly known about that. All Moses from Mahaica are related. It would help if you can get details about his parents for me. The core of Supply, Mahaica emanates from 5 families – Moses, Pitt, Jackson, Frank, and another name that I am unable to recall.


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