MO-BANKS FOR MO-TEMPO – 12 12 2012


MO-BANKS FOR MO-TEMPO         12 12 2012

By Ewalt Ainsworth

There is a big word this writer is looking to use to describe the obvious phenomenon of writing a robust story on: ’12  12 2012.’  Never again will we experience in this century the combination of 12-12-12 or 11-11-11 and wordsmiths should ‘cheers-to-that’ with a BANKS or two. Guyanese never squander money, coney or honey.  And so a buddy-buddy friend told of a word that has elasticity.  And the word is ‘alliteration’ and he told me at the penultimate moment before making the penultimate phone call and penultimate hour of this blog.

You know we Guyanese always looking for a lime and we could convert anything into a party; an opportunity to have a noggin or two and talk about the PPP petticoat administration.  And is only we too does run down the government and talk about how they corrupt and cantankerous and murderous and malicious and how the PPP have a symbiotic relationship with crazy-glue…they sticking together for life.   

The handful of people I know in the yard who were willing to talk had HEINEKENS’ in both hands and advised that I call back later…later will be greater.  Guyanese at home are not worried at all about the fiscal cliff or how they getting ‘stiffed’ and raw gold is the new currency for smuggling consumer durables and electronics into the country.

All this ‘guh-round-come-round’ is to encourage my peoples to drink mo-BANKS beer for mo-tempo.  A certain tribe concealing the gold and timber and sending it foreign to buy beer when local  beer taste  just as good and of superior quality and  made in Guyana.    It makes good common sense to eat and drink what the country produces rather than be caught up in the smuggling and killing business that the jabagabats preaching and teaching.

You wuk hard fuh yuh money, drink a banks and belch and get mo banks and mo-tempo in the ghetto. Things are actually worse than they seem and the collective silence is a lie.

Permit this writer too to revisit the USD 12 million raw-gold heist on Curacao a fortnight ago  and what it means in terms of destabilizing Guyana’s pre-eminent and ancestral and prestigious and world class producing BANKS  DIH..  And in case you did not know CHINEE and them, known and established smugglers on the perimeter of Moleson Creek on the Corentyne, import…smuggle into Guyana an average of 4,000 cases of Heineken daily.  Each carton has 24 bottles and each bottle is retailed at approximately USD 2.50.  And it is the gold and diamonds from the bowels of the Amerindian reservations and the upper reaches of the majestic Cuyuni and Mazaruni that makes it all possible.

The hardest thing now in GT is to get somebody to do a day’s work for a day’s pay.  Everything is ‘runnings’. Babies are born in the hospital and parents have to pay a lil something to get the born-paper.  Another 12 year old girl made her baby and after feeding her a smuggled formula her caregiver discovered she had a fine taste for Heineken.  Both the formula and Heineken came on the same ship.

When a SUMMER-BLISS comes in with its cargo of corned beef and potato hash and corn flakes, people complexion does change.  In one case the Anglican Church minister and the people home sick-quick so that the stevedores can empty the boat and retack with lumber etc.  Long time rice and sugar used to be the outgoing cargo but now is wood…. lowra fuh Europe.  The police may come –by to collect their thing and move on;  nobody file a report and so the police has no business.  Smuggling in Guyana has been relegated to a victimless crime.  ASOMELYKAM.

Complete cars, pre-fab houses, bulldozers, draglines, guns, zinc sheets,  fridges, stoves, swashing machines, air conditioners, generators…as long as you can think about it, you can get it if you really want.  Fancy beer in slim bottles, short necks and twist-off corks is not the only thing that is available comrade.  Corentyne is the open air shopping center to the PPP.  Some families from Georgetown and further north and south even plan bus tours and family reunions and shopping sprees.  Any currency is accepted and change is also reciprocal.

BANKS beer on the other hand is sold in Guyana for half the price of a HEINEKEN.  This writer made half-a-dozen calls at random to locate any person with one or two BANKS in a bracket.  Suffice it to say that there is nothing positive to report at this time.

The raw gold heist has nothing to do with the EZ JET folks trying to make a comeback or Jagdeo trying to finance the much talked about elections.  It has more to do with the illegal dumping of Heineken smuggled from Curacao daily as part of a deliberate and calculated and sustained plan to further destabilise BANKS DIH.

Since the PPP came to power in 1992 they have been trying to shutter the organization which started more than 150 years ago.

In the early days Demerara Ice House (DIH) as it was originally called, used to import ice in wooden sloops from Canada and France to sell beverages.  DIH also dabbled in chocolates, cocoa, beverages and rum.  The company has about 366 service trucks…one for every day of the year, delivering its products nationwide.  And thru its BANKS HOLDING company, it has started exporting beer to CANADA AND USA.

Also since the PPP made that malicious move to eject and derail them in Guyana because Peter D’Aguiar had formed a coalition in 1964 to defeat the PPP at the elections.  One would think that by now they would forgive and forget…nope.

BANKS is an award winning beer, and the PPP instead of protecting the organization that employs more people than the government and is the highest paying tax base in the country, has been underwriting and protecting smugglers in the Courantyne basin.

Go to nay ethnic neighborhood, you can tell who is who from the beer they are drinking.  At the airport departure lounge the worst thing you can do is to call for a Banks beer.  You are treated with scorn.  Not only that but the non-verbal communication.  And in the restaurants and pubs and fish shops men and women drink HEINEKEN with their eyes closed swirling every drop and endearing themselves as if manor is from heaven.

Official places like the Police Sports Club and National Service sports club, one has to specially make reservations to get BANKS beer.

And if a policemen calls for a round and points to an émigré, is strictly Heineken-buddy.

All like this Christmas season now, BANKS is the beverage of last resort and it still does the body good and is cheaper an’ sweeter.  Guyanese should get into the habit of drinking mo-banks for mo-tempo.



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