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University of Guyana’s next Vice Chancellor tipped


University of Guyana’s next Vice Chancellor tipped     

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol   – Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 11:28

Dr. Jacob Opadeyi   (right)

The University of Guyana’s next Vice Chancellor could very well be Nigeria-born Dr. Jacob Opadeyi if the institution’s Council accepts a recommendation by the interviewing panel, well-placed sources said Tuesday.

“What I can tell you is that the decision was unanimous,” an official told Demerara Waves Online News (

A selection panel is expected to submit the ‘winning’ candidate’s name in its report to the wider council on Wednesday December 12. The Council, which is the final decision-making, could either accept or reject the recommendation by the selection panel.   Continue reading

MO-BANKS FOR MO-TEMPO – 12 12 2012


MO-BANKS FOR MO-TEMPO         12 12 2012

By Ewalt Ainsworth

There is a big word this writer is looking to use to describe the obvious phenomenon of writing a robust story on: ’12  12 2012.’  Never again will we experience in this century the combination of 12-12-12 or 11-11-11 and wordsmiths should ‘cheers-to-that’ with a BANKS or two. Guyanese never squander money, coney or honey.  And so a buddy-buddy friend told of a word that has elasticity.  And the word is ‘alliteration’ and he told me at the penultimate moment before making the penultimate phone call and penultimate hour of this blog.

You know we Guyanese always looking for a lime and we could convert anything into a party; an opportunity to have a noggin or two and talk about the PPP petticoat administration.  And is only we too does run down the government and talk about how they corrupt and cantankerous and murderous and malicious and how the PPP have a symbiotic relationship with crazy-glue…they sticking together for life.    Continue reading