By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             12 06 2012

Here is a Guyanese holiday proverb to mek-yuh-belly-guh:  DOG WID PLENTY MASSA DOES LEFF WITHOUT HAM-BONE.

And a nano-second before this item was blogged Gt authorities found USD 50 million worth of cocaine pellets mixed up course and fine in fish meal destined for China. The day before similar quantities of cocaine was found in drinking straws and immediately prior, cocaine was found in soap powder en route to Malaysia.  Next time there is a bust, the coke may be addressed to Ansan Sushi in Burma (LOL).        

And Mining Minister Robert (pronounced Rawbutt) Persaud is struggling to identify the  DNA for the  USD rawgold found in Curacao.  Earlier this year, INTERPOL completed a DNA survey of all the forestry products in Guyana.  More than 30 billion dollars worth of logs is illegally exported from Guyana annually.  Guyana’s back-seat President Donald Ramotar’s claim to fame is wood…lowra.

Read article:  ONE VOICE CAN WIN – Corruption in PPPC’s Guyana here, there and everywhere…

In the diaspora the word is out that there has been a steep decline… an average of 14 per cent in new births.  Host country/native American women have more than one liaison on her rolodex but still experiencing a drought in the bedroom. And with all the increased medical technology, sex education, reproductive research, sleep comfort beds and new rites to children, women in America are holding back the pussy.

Children are never part of the equation.  Last week nineteen (19)  babies born in one clinic one day…all boys and social planners, pediatricians, sociologists and homeland security huddled and taking a closer look.

Boy baby is a rarity and even when they do born, a big question mark does be looming over they head cause you could never tell what they would grow up to be.  But that aside, generally speaking, babies seem to be a dying breed.   And in urban/shelter societies like Bronx,  Brooklyn, Baltimore, Newark, Miami et al where new immigrants congregate, that  14 percentage decline plus the wind-chill and economic factor, it may be as much as 25 per cent.  A one bedroom house is all a single mom can afford irrespective how of how smart and cute she may be.  Plus we Caribbean people want to wear the best, eat the best, drive the best and on top of that too take care of the family back in the yard.

Up to now we ent mention cell phone, hair, nails, car note, parking space, cable, entertainment, laundry, ATM fees and so on and so forth.  Certain things like car and rent and even the common-place barrel…if you cannot pay for it from one pay check, you can never pay for it.  Social services /child welfare demands that each off-spring  must have its own  car seat, feeding utensils, toys, room and space.  Some are even demanding computers too.  And parents have to have cell phones, picture ids and emergency numbers to call in case of anything.  West Indians do not like to put their business outside so they keeping the legs paste up with Niagara-starch.

The cost of baby sitting …as much as USD 1,200 per month per child is too much.  A certain Baron-man’s second mortgage gave birth to twins.  He was first to visit the lady and baby only to discover one had died.  On the elevator, he met the husband and told him that “Mavis got twins:  Me own dead” and melted away in the assembling crowd of family and coteurs to see how she would handle the meeting.   CHRIST THE ANSWER.

There is a new thing now called ‘plug-in’ child care where a stay at home mom can bring her child to a center and share her time on her computer plugged in to a wall and at the same time keeping an eye on  her child.  This arrangement works out to about USD 400.00 per month and is still too much when jobs are only giving 24 hours a week work without benefits.

America depends on immigrants to feather the nests, clean the nests, nurture the nestlings and provide companionship to the nestled.  At the same time the nestees cannot afford to buy nestles brand tea and cocoa or provide a nest of their own.

New arrivals tend to come from South America including the Caribbean and Guyana and are better educated, in better mental and physical health and expecting to be absorbed by immediate relatives and friends who preceded them and in a better pecuniary situation.  But unfortunately since 2007, America has been in steep decline and all the dreams and expectations are dashed.  When translated, both men and women cannot make love on a $9.00 an hour pay check.

In suburbs, special elite teams sweep the neighborhoods looking for multi-car garages and hassling folks assembled at bus stops.  Some sociologists talk about the broken window theory but today’s America also prosecutes drivers in HOV (high occupancy vehicles) and folks crossing the streets to get to office campuses and gated communities.  It is tantamount to a criminal offence to be walking and catching the cross-town buses.  The cumulative effect is no money no love.  No reproduction too would be a pointed way of saying it.

Guyana for example has to make a deliberate effort soon, and very soon, to calibrate some socio/economic trends.  The Indians are pouring out as soon as they can pee straight and change their napkins.  It is only the young (under 12) and those above 50 that are left behind.  And if given a chance, they too will find themselves in harsh and cruel climes eeking out a living.

Here up north, a cursory visit to the malls, food distribution centers and or banks would reveal that almost 90 per cent of the front line and front desk staff are first generation immigrants.

In the prison system in New York this Christmas season dieticians and activities planners have something of a dilemma. The last five years or so, Caribbean prisoners who seem to occupy the cells, would be given Jamaican beef patties as a treat and relish.

The price of the beef and peas has doubled and so the cost has made it prohibitive.  Another thing too, the traditional diets were based on the Afro-American life styles but with the recent influx of Indian prisoners from the Caribbean, their demands are outlandish.  Dem coolie boy want halal mutton and beef with bust-up-shirt and dahl.  New staff had to be hired and so the program of repatriation of prisoners had to be intensified.

The cumulative effect is that the birth rate of new babies has plummeted.  The society on paper (on computer) has enough men but with the crime rate spiking among Guyanese men of a certain ethnic persuasion, everything gone-fuh-channa.

During the Hurricane Sandy crisis too, the few new mothers in the Liberty avenue precinct had run out of baby diapers.  A few folks that had supplies had to help out their less fortunate comrades.  The social services administration immediately saw a spike in diaper rashes as new mothers recycled napkins etc.  And when babies are not doing well emotionally and physically, women tend to close their legs.

Again, at the source level, the Guyana politicians have to do some more forward thinking and planning.  Everything must be all-inclusive like the Chinese buffet and not a-la-arte.

BARON – IT’S CHRISTMAS  (Parang song)


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