BY  EWALT AINSWORTH                            12 04 2012

One of the more knowledgeable, patriotic and conscientious employees of the   financially stricken NATIONAL INSURANCE SCHEME, Mr. Derrick Rodney, has been kicked to the curb.  Derek’s substantive position was Assistant General Manager but has performed at every level in the organization including General Manager.

This writer will not yield or even mention the ethnic cleansing trajectory of Jagdeo and the PPP.  Every time he wants to corrupt, covet, contaminate, coteur or confiscate anything, he finds himself on a plane out of sight and out of his mind.  Jagdeo’s silence is a lie.  Jagdeo likes to play ‘churchulent and innocent’ after orchestrating his dirty-work.  

Last week Thursday Jagdeo also allegedly engineered one of the modern world’s biggest  gold-heist in the region off Curacao.  Twelve million dollars worth of gold…enough gold to make  an 18-karat gold chain long from his house in Sparendaam to his ancestral home in Unity, Mahaica.

A nefarious picture is emerging.  One of his chief Lieutenants, Dr Roger Luncheon after hearing the news of both these incidents, had to be rushed to an emergency room for treatment.  Luncheon was kept for observation.

NIS was the only organization within the purview of the PPP government to have the top four operatives as pure-black.  In most cases, top positions are both compromised and douglarised.  Is only black men with Indian wives does get a lil-hold-on but not for long.   Everyday staff in the regions and head office after hearing the news examined their own vulnerabilities.  The traditional Christmas party is up in the air and it is too early to measure reactions from the union.  Selwyn Felix is not there anymore to light a fire in the PPP-backside.

Derek was formerly a policeman in East Berbice and joined NIS three decades ago.  He learnt the organization from his police friend and squaddy, General Manager Patrick Martinborough.  Martinborough too was forced out without explanation.  The New York chapter of ex-employees are now concerned about the mental health status and safety of current GM, Ms Doreen Nelson.

Here is a report on a press release emerging from Guyana this week:

Sent: Tue, Dec 4, 2012 4:40 pm
Subject: NIS Board ends Asst. GM’s contract

The Board of the National insurance Scheme (NIS) has ended the contract of Assistant General Manager (Administration) Derrick Rodney in connection with communication failures.

This was the reason given by Board Chairman Dr. Roger Luncheon when approached by Demerara Waves Online News on Friday about the circumstances surrounding Rodney’s departure from the Scheme last week.

According to Dr. Luncheon, he was “performing in less than a way that the Scheme Board thought suitable” and it was out of that Board decision that the Scheme and Rodney parted ways.

When pressed on the specific infraction the chairman said it had to do “essentially with communication between the management and the Board.”

“I think the Board continues to labour under the assumption that access to timely information has not been as forthcoming as it could be.”

Dr. Luncheon was reluctant to say Rodney was fired instead saying that his contract was “determined.” He added that there were maybe a few more months on official’s contract.

Efforts to reach Rodney have so far been unsuccessful.

DemWaves was told that Rodney was sent home two weeks ago with the understanding that there would be a transition period before he departed. However, the Board reportedly met two Fridays ago and a decision was handed down that he depart with immediate effect which was communicated to him last week Monday.




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