Paul Keans Douglas – Fish


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                 12 03 2012

Late Monday nite some ex-crime sleuths were looking at the increase 1-800 chatter on cell phones between and among some big names like President Bharrat Jagdeo, EZ-jet CEO Sonny Ramdeo, Privatisation Specialist Mike Brassington and Turn-Coat Advisor and Former Joint Services Chief of Staff Norman McLean.  All these executives are reportedly out of Guyana for business.  More dramatic and slightly traumatic  is that they all left the same day the vessel with 800-gold bars sailed from Gt to Curacao via French Guiana  in a wooden sloop (fishing boat).     

The fishing boat apparently left from the Berbice River area at pre-dawn hours on Thursday and arrived in Curacao a mere four days later as scheduled.  The fishing boat was manned by a Guyanese crew of East Indian descent.  They are all purported to be fishermen with Region Three…Canal Polder addresses but  none of the neighbors or community activists seem to know them.

President Jagdeo still gives his official address as Main Street (State House) even though his bunker below his big-bungalow is at Sparendaam.  And President Donald Ramotar has never spent a night at the State House.  He still gives his Pradoville-1 street address as his residence.  Holistically speaking, monkey see monkey do.  And in Guyanese parlance “is not where guinea bird holler he lay.”

CARICOM, UN, INTERTPOL, DEA et al should get on board forthwith and make it job-1 and public about the nefarious activities of Jagdeo and all his boys and girls.  APNU and AFC and every other civil society should ratchet-up their protests and right side what is happening in Guyana daily.  To quote ‘media-otic’ Sharma…”story got three side; my side, your side and the truth.”  Guyanese need to know all of the above and more.

And if you know something…say something by dialing 1-800 TEK-GOLD.

Dem Gt boys seh that it is a crime to be honest in a brutally dishonest society like Guyana.  Survival has no friends or enemies and so the PPP make a radical decision to lift the gold-bar, move the goal (gold) post and change the country code (gold) from 592 to i-800-TEK-GOLD.  Jagdeo has made every citizen a gold-digger; tek money buy two (bars.)

Everything is now free and folks have new freedoms.  Freedom to tek, and freedom to tek-back.  There is also freedom of speech but no freedom after speech. Jagdeo reports to no one;  he just sneak out and sneak back in and the civil and descent and free-(dumb) loving people have to bare their chafe and stick with a wounded president and a wicked one…as in 1-800 TEK GOLD.

This 2nd year and  Christmas season  start off with a gold-bang…all the 592 killings, thiefings, pirating, bullying, murdering, suiciding, horning  et all have  surpassed seasonally adjusted  goals  and heading into the 1-800 zone. Jagdeo believes in himself so much that he gave all the angry gods and disgruntled ones a paltry 5% pay raise and duck out to chaperon USD 12.5million in gold bullion.  ASOMELYKAM.

Over the weekend more than a dozen people were killed on the roads; just as many murders and beheadings and a fishing boat with 70 gold bars totaling 476 pounds of authentic gold was set loose and pirated off Curacao….sssh…not so hard (is not the first time).

From a psychological point of view Jagdeo has an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and it seems like if it has infected, affected and has been inflicted on the wider Guyanese population. Another day we will talk ‘broad-r about the 70/30 rule.  We only need 30 per cent of what we have on any given day but yet still we have deep freeze full of food and houses with more rooms than occupants.  Some folks have cars bigger than boats…bigger than the fishing boat that tek-off with the gold…but then again, who am I to talk, eh?

We does hide rice and peas in the bedroom and under the bed; we does store shopping bag in shopping bag and hang it on a nail.  And newspapers, we have each variety, each issues filed away chronologically. We does have money bury in tinning-cup and always have a last dollar while the rest knot-up and carefully placed in the brassiere.  And some Guyanese women does wear two panties one time and still complain that “soapy-na-deh.”   Every other day we on-line clicking a mouse and ordering more stuff and when we don’t like it, we carry it back, tek back we money and turn right back and  buy more of the same stuff all over again.

Every room got a television.  Every child has his/her own black berry.  Wives have separate entrance, husband has private entrance and they live separate lives together.  No wonder we stocking up now on houses, cars, trips, black berries, gold et al.  The President himself is converting every available space into hotels, restaurants, libraries, air conditioners etc.  And we as a patriotic and civil people have to go along to get along or else cat eat we dinner.  One can only hope that on this foreign trip at this time of year, Mr. Jagdeo will see clearly and come to the realization that even with the best of planning and with the best advisers and condemned criminals in his inner circle, things can still go wrong.  Even in shifting gold bullion in a wooden sloop.  All we can do too at this juncture is also hope that this is1 800-rock-bottom.  MERRY CHRISTMAS MR PRESIDENT.

Shadow – Dat  Soca Boat.


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