By  EWALT AINSWORTH                            11 302012

Quite 366 days ago the 592-Gt-Republic went to the polls and selected a BRAND-NEW-SECOND-HAND President….Mr. Donald Ramotar. Nobody knows his voice but they know his vices.  Nobody knows his gratitude but they scoff at his ineptitude; nobody knows his attitude but murmur as he squanders his latitude.  Guyana deserves better.  Guyana needs an activist leader, teacher and preacher.

President Ramotar in his first year has earned the stinky reputation of a bench warmer and a funky-team player that is both stubborn and distrustful.  And when leaders do not trust anyone, they too must not be trusted. 

Guyana is falling to pieces and the jagabats…all colossal failures not saying anything.  The collective silence of the PPP is an inference of flaws, flays, falls and failure.  Drinking rum in the middle of a storm is a segway to deceit and lack of spirituality.   Another lack-lustre year will not sit well and may not be pleasant.  Get with the market and technology program or get going.

Mr. Ramotar’s nemesis Bharrat Jagdeo has become more ensnared, entrenched and has ensured that his compensation package was put on a fast track.  Ayatollah Jagdeo has a simple grade school policy:   I AM FIRST IAM SECOND AND I AM THIRD and if anything leff back…then the masses. And to make up for the lost perks and difference in exaggerated wages the Guyanese electorate got some back pay in their November paycheck.

Jagdeo made sure he cut himself a check first right; plus write off the meals and entertainment bill…three times more than when he was in active duty and four times more than Ramotar.  The old-man cannot believe is not butter and refuses to complain.   Jagdeo will make more money than President Barack Obama and is ranked the highest OG  for a failed state; a flaying economy and a fallen dictator.  His entertainment bill rivals the annual salary of Health Minister Bheri Bheri or that of Special Advisor, Ms Gail Teixeira.  The flat rate is approximately US 40,000 per annum.

The only perks Jagdeo seems to have lost in the 366-days past is the RED-jet…THE EZ JET that was grounded easy like Sunday morning a few evenings ago.  The man still maintains an office at the Presidential Secretariat, has still his personal private at the official residence off Main Street, still has the same security detail, butlers, advisors, administrators and little boys bobbing and weaving in his immediate proximity.  And a fortnight or so ago, he begun work on refurbishing the former  DEMERARA HOUSE in Queenstown to be used as a library and hang out joint for the boys…emphasis on joint. ASOMELYKAM.

More Guyanese are arrested, locked up, stopped and frisked in every port of call globally.  Guyanese have been caught with cocaine in their weaves, wigs, crotches, boxes, food, suitcase, umbrella, pajamas, plaster of paris,  blanket, soap dish, curry, shoes, fruits, lumber, feminine napkins…you name it.  One year after President Ramotar too has failed to lay his hands on heads of corporations who vacuumed their respective treasuries.  The Telecoms General Manager bought more than a dozen executive buildings in less than a year in office and turns back and rent them to GT&T in US dollars.  The man at the radio station too gets away with millions.  Their weekly drinking bills are usually more than the salary of any employee within the affected corporation/agency that they manage.  Gt executives are not concerned about outcomes;  it is about how much they come out with.

The  Berbice River Bridge crossing rivals the cost of the most expensive bridge in the world…THE VERRAZANO NARROWS bridge off Staten Island;  Berbice is US 11.00 and the average wages of a worker per hour  is US .50c   (do the math).  Meanwhile the user friendly Demerara Bridge is only US .50 cents…both ways.  A  West Demerara Punjabi man tells me how he hates Jagdeo “for loving me so much.”  ASOMELYKAM.

Gt’s flaws are appearing in so many different and differing quarters, social service departments that the entire system is flaying and falling to pieces.  It is cheaper to buy an airline ticket to any regional destination than to visit a doctor.  And if you do get to see a doctor, it is by appointment only; he lives overseas so that he does not have to pay taxes here nor there.

Guyana imports every category of food and beverage.  Guyana means land of many waters and the irony is that more bottled water is imported than is contaminated in the majestic Cuyuni or Mazaruni rivers.  The country exports fish and for local consumption traders fly to other Caribbean climes buy, scale it and sell it cheaper than any market in Bourda, La Penitence or Stabroek.  Exporters do not have to pay the consumption tax but recently suitcase-mongers have to subject themselves to electronic scrutiny.  But Gtees got thing fuh that…it is called bribe.  HAND WASH HAND MEK HAND COME CLEAN.

Schools are a disappointing failure.  A child, running to catch a mini-bus in the Boerasairi Creek area, stumbled and fell and his lunch kit sprawl-open.  He had half-a-dozen awaras inside to take to school for lunch.  A 12 year old boy from Region Three committed suicide and the suspicion is he was handed a failing grade and was transferred out of his neighborhood to attend school.

The Education Minister… Priya Manickchand, seems to have character flaws, and flays in getting a grip and understanding of an expanding and demanding school system.  This is the era of technology and not tete-a-tete.  Get with the program young lady and learn to swim upstream or you will sink with the cock-eyed dreamers you wildly support.  AMEN

Big RedGuyanese Whine


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