Lord Relator – Kitchener Medley


By Ewalt Ainsworth                   11 12 2012

Guyanese have failed miserably in using up and occupying the millions of hectares of arable lands in the MMA and TAPPAKUMA irrigation projects.  GUYSUCO lands in Wauna and SURAPANNA farms in Linden and the  GDF farms in Butenabu are slight examples of holdings that have become ‘bandings’ (abandoned).  And now big companies from Jamaica and Trinidad especially are lining up and have their sights on these lands to grow green vegetables and organic marijuana to fill a new market in North America.   

Right now Colorado and New Jersey are on the cusp of legalizing marijuana sales.  US banks are a bit skeptical in giving loans to small growers and from all indications and recent maneuverings in the airline industry; regional food processors see Guyana as a main hub…not a poke, to grow and market marijuana.

In some cities too, marijuana is a main ingredient in hot dogs, soup, beef patties and even roti.  All you need is a prescription from your favorite doctor at about US 35.00 a-pop and you can smoke up and eat up anywhere you want.

One of the hallmarks of this Guyana government is that it dismantled all the major rice mills in Yakusari, Johanna, Burma, Ruimzight, Somerset & Berks and even Anna Regina.   As a matter of fact the Anna Regina mill was handed over to CARICOM and it seems that regional food processors like GRACE may be able to use their influence and market power to acquire and cultivate lands in Guyana.  All things are possible these days.

If President Jagdeo can bamboozle CARIBBEAN AIRLINES (CAL) to come again and pick up the slack from  the official drug carrier…EZ JET…getting the planters to come from the region cannot be that difficult.  After all…all ahwee is one family.

This week the captain from the MAKOURIA and  TORANI boats servicing the Berbice River lent his voice to the high cost of crossing the  BRB- Berbice River Bridge.       Jagdeo moved the fares from G700 per car to G2,200.  The captain almost suggested that Jagdeo may not only be an accomplice to the growing of marijuana but also a user.

East Berbice is the home and stronghold of the former leader of the PPP but Jagdeo has inflicted some serious blows on the mixed community.  He has killed the staple industries of rice and sugar and made smuggling back-track the official occupation of that electorate.

Berbice used to be home to the Kimbia National Service Holdings where cotton to feed the SANATA textile mill was planted on a large and sufficient scale.  Jagdeo dismantled the entire operation and sell the land to one of his personal friends at the back of Ruimveldt…18 acres of real estate for a dollar.  A Guyana dollar that is US .50 cents.

Hear this.  It is cheaper to cross the Demerara  bridge by car ( US .50c) than to buy a tamarind ball or fudge or sugar cake or poulourie.  Some motorists each time they cross out of share embarrassment would pay an extra  fifty cents or if they tender a towel (1,000) they do not take the change;  they tell the toll collectors to keep the change.

People want to pay their fair share of tools based on cost of living and living conditions.  But Jagdeo still wants to punish folks in Linden to pay higher rates for electricity.

Check any village…Buxton, Plaisance, Victoria.  The neighboring Indian villages have more lands…bigger house lots, paved roads and concrete drains.  Black folks have to park their cars along muddy dams and still pay rates and taxes.

The light bill man has to check in first with the area police station and get an armed officer or two to accompany him into Indian neighborhoods.  All these expanded and enclosed houses have big screen televisions and micro waves and fridges and coffee makers and surround lights.  A careful review would show that some communities still pay rates based on 1992  ‘suggested’ and or ‘estimated’ rates.

It is difficult to find areas of mutuality and commonality in GT.  It is not racism.  It is more than that.  It is a calculated risk for disdain and dysfunction.  And President Donald Ramotar, as the front man, cannot find the words, the language to tell the man how stink and shortsighted it is.

Another day we will talk in depth about the Transport Minister Benn trying to ease black people from their lands at Timehri.
As a hint…Benn wants them to evacuate so as to make way for a new airport access road so that Timehri can be a hub for the Chinese sponsored export of “grace foods” to the region.  Sounds good in principle but all sectors of the population would be better served if a new road was constructed linking with the Soesdyke highway.  It is more expensive and sucks up more resources to build along the Demerara River.  The wood from the paths of the new road can be exported or build more houses plus new businesses can be put up on solid foundations.  But this government…these batahaas make more money when they cause pain and suffering and have to come back twice and thrice to fix and repair and maintain.  ASOMELYKAM.


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