BY  EWALT AINSWORTH             11 09 2012

Every other fool saw the imminent collapse of EZjet from  jump street except President  Bharrat Jagdeo.  On Friday the final nail was put in the coffin. EZjet dead and done; funeral arrangements to be announced later.

EZjet has pneumonia and is now in pucketary.  Jagdeo and the  Tourism Ministry are scrambling to make the wrongs right as Guyanese are stranded at both ends  and using some ‘coolie-boy’ that will not synchronize with the spirit and thrust of this memo.

The source of funding and ownership was always in dispute. The DEA always had   their cameras and  sensors focused on the e-z pass and e-z luggage carrier.   Today, 30,000 Guyanese are sharpening both edges of their wedgers as the Tourism Minister and other related officials have sequestered officials of CARIBBEAN AIRLINES (CAL) for a hastily planned meeting to honor outstanding reservations.  NEW BROOMS SWEEEP CLEAN BUT OLD BROOMS KNOW THE CORNERS.    

There used to be a national carrier in Gt called GUYANA AIRWAYS…GAC fuh short.  GAC was the only airline in the region including then BWIA and LIAT and all the other store front airlines that used to make a profit. CRUZERIO from Brazil and SURINAME AIRWAYS and quite a few others also tried to get a lil-piece-a-playing but Jagdeo found every reason to deny and demonise these established outfits.

Five years or so ago a consortium of former employees of  GAC made a formal request to Jagdeo to operate out of Guyana using Timehri as a hub.  They were declined and denied.  Jagdeo put every obstacle in the way to shut out the former GAC employees including sponsoring his own airline in cohoots with known criminal elements.

The frustrated former GAC employees had to rewind and come again using Jamaica as the hub and branding the Guyanese product…FLY JAMAICA.

The PPP has a narrow focus in doing business and only gives licenses and blessings unless they personally have a gratuity coming.  The word for that is graft.

Former Health Minister, Dr Richard Van West Charles recently made overtures to set up a medical school in Guyana in collaboration with some another Guyanese and regional investors.  VW was denied.  Come January, the medical school will be accepting its first batch of students and will be operating in Castries, St Lucia.

EZjet was cuddled and accommodated and given all types of privileges but yet still it croaked before its first birthday.  The Chief Executive Officer has been fingered for skimming more than US five million dollars from his employers…a hospital corporation in Florida.  RUBIS…a Canadian outfit that supplies fuel to the airline, is in the hole for US 11 million dollars.  Scores of other creditors are scrambling to line up and present their bills for payment.

E-Z Jet…putting all joke and fun aside was a reckless outfit.  Competing airlines like Delta and American offer fares in excess of a grand;  EZjet is under $400.00 return.  Other airlines used to offer one suitcase with a max of 40 pounds.   The now defunct E-Z ting was two suitcases…max 55 pounds each plus a 20 pound hand piece…cheap and sweet.  ASOMELYKAM.

By mid next week, the official carrier of the PPP and Jagdeo will rig up another scheme to transfer the greed and graft that seems to be the mainstay of doing business in Gt.

Somebody somewhere needs to get his or her head examined before another red-jet falls.



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