BY  EWALT AINSWORTH                          11 06 2012

Accidents do happen but some accidents can be damn-well avoided.   With a little itty-bitty bit of information or translation for that matter those three Guyanese women could be back home working and nurturing their offspring into good and descent citizens.   Surinamese care about their people.  They have road signs warning of dangerous turns, approaches to communities, towns, bridges et al.  Unfortunately it is in  DJUKA language.  The embassy in Gt can put thru a call and repatriate some of the illicit funds earned from the brisk backtrack and illegal trade and paint in English…SLEEPING POLICEMAN….shorthand for speed bump.   

Last year when President Donald Ramotar and Bharrat Jagdeo hijacked the election, the first place they run to was Suriname to get they-ting.  That same time they coulda beg President Desire Bouterse in a spirit of camaraderie to add in small letters…sleeping policeman.  But both these two gangsters on either side of the Corentyne river can discuss the illegal and promiscuous behaviors of each other over tea and whisky rather than taking care of the business of their respective peoples.

This week, Victoria is in red eyes.  Victoria is in tears mourning the death of a prominent young lady and policewoman who in company wither her cohorts slipped off the Nickerie highway in their TOYOTA SUV.  Victoria should be celebrating 174 years as a community bought from their colonial masters with pennies they accumulated and shifted around in wheel barrows.

Ms Collins-Lynch made the pilgrimage to Suriname to do her Charismas shopping and procure necessities for her family.  Three died.  They collated, co-operated as colleagues but met sudden death and destruction because of the short sightedness of the affected political regimes a week ago.

Guyana has a symbiotic relationship with Suriname.  Jagdeo build the Berbice river bridge and charge the high fees of $11.00 each way to capture Dutch guilders.  Some of that money could go towards putting up both English and Dutch signs in both countries and avoid the tragic accidents that occur almost daily.

This is not the first time Victorians are dying by accident because of these sleeping policemen.  Claire Goring’s nephew was killed recently on that highway in a motorcycle accident.  In Victoria, a casual walk in the village would reveal that scores of young men and women travel back and forth working as fishermen and construction workers.  Some even chop-bananas for a living because they cannot find work in Gt.  But I hold my breath to deviate along that estuary now.  Micey St Kitts and Julia’s ‘Baby’ also met their deaths in Suriname.

Suriname has a low budget system in place where they put sleeping-policemen at strategic points to get motorists to slow down…obey traffic signs.

But the signs are not in English along the 132 mile highway to safeguard and cap speeding.  In Guyana we have sleepy policemen who stop and frisk and demand large sums of money when drivers are caught speeding.  Suriname Airways used to stop at Timehri and pick up the “ravelings” of those who did not make it on Caribbean Airlines.  Jagdeo tweaked the system and co-sponsored E-Z JET..  ending a brisk cross border business.  Surinamese rejoiced because they distrusted the Guyanese policemen with their bullying tactics.

Guyanese, because of the socio/politico engineering and dishonest practices of the PPP find it expedient and convenient to pay the high fares and take the risk of driving on the other side of the road in Suriname to procure their needs.

While making some calls to find out background data for this piece, a Victorian related an incident this week in which he travelled to Suriname and took the opportunity to tune-up his car and spruce up the body with an engine wash.  When he got to Springlands, he had the devil’s job to convince the Gt police that he did not put in a new motor.  They wanted to punish him for having a clean car.  He ended up giving the Indian Customs Officer a US 20.00-raise.  ASOMELYKAM.

On a broader note, the PPP has narrowed down the options and lifestyle of blacks especially.
The Credit Unions have been shuttered.  The Unions have been neutered.
Civic societies like LIONS and JAYCEES have been silenced.

Burial societies are almost non-existent and villages where there were mother’s unions, 4-h clubs and other group collectives have been assaulted and isolated.  Jobs do not offer training anymore and the schools and colleges all preach the ideology of US OR CHAOS.  SCOTIABANK and all the others with a limited few exceptions are now designed to facilitate money laundering.

It costs US .50 cents to cross the Demerara Bridge but US 11.00 for the Berbice River Bridge and US 15.00 to cross with the Springlands ferry.  Blacks are pummeled and exploited in Jagdeo’s Guyana but still find it cheaper to pay those fares than face the predators on Regent Street or Parika or Rose Hall market.  One man even try to recommend that Jagdeo or Ramotar as a symbol of love for genuine growth and development, should simply drop a zero from the exchange rate of G 200.00 to US 1.00.  This writer is not an economist and that is too ambitious an excursion to re-engineer civility and economic viability for black people in Gt.  It would never happen in a month of Sundays and funerals.

METROPOLE, STRAND, SARSWATTIE, LIBERTY, DOREN, GLOBE, ASTOR, GEM…and all the other communal meeting places and recreation centers have all been shuttered.  St Ambrose Church on Regent Street has been sold to an Indian man.  Father Randolph George, former Archbishop of the Anglican Church has already sold out significant parcels and holdings of church land to his PPP cohorts.   On another level too, Guyanese are shooting each other up for coveting and grabbing ancestral lands.  The PPP officiates in these programs but nobody has the gall to say NO…   hence the targeted daily killings.  ASOMELYKAM.

Guyana has so many brainiacs and confusionists that it is about time that bilateral and commonsensical arrangements be made to ensure the preservation of life and limb  in this bi-lingual environment.



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