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By EWALT AINSWORTH      11 05 2012

Some suburbanites and exurbanites in New Jersey got a rude awakening on the eve of elections; earthquake struck in parts of Passaic and Bergen counties (2.0 on Richter scale).  Election officials also simultaneously announced that affected residents from both hurricane Sandy and earthquake can vote by e-mail/fax in addition to paper ballots.  Some fast Guyanese types are querying if perhaps they will have to stick their finger in a red-ink jar as they cope with red eyes brought on by a multiplicity of inconveniences.

Weather forecasts are predicting more storms on both Wednesday and Thursday.  And Governor Christie has established a hot-line for persons who have been separated from their pets.  Rationing of gas is in high gear; the last digit on your license plate is an odd number you can buy petrol on that day; even numbers can buy on even number days.  And if you have no car but need gas to run your generator then  contact your neighbor or just dial 011 592… new-wave (of inconveniences).                

New York/ New Jersey has also run out of food and drinking water.  A beer company in Georgia over the weekend was forced to abort packaging beer and switched to water in beer cans as an emergency measure.

Mayor Nutter in Philadelphia was able to convince Mayor Bloomberg in New York to send some of the 47,000 athletes planning to participate in the annual NY marathon, to be reassigned with back packs delivering water in Philly.  Nutter reciprocated by sending scores of buses to Newark to ferry Wall Street types from the Garden State.

Over the weekend power was restored in Manhattan but Staten Island and Hoboken and Atlantic City are still reeling.  The new normal is ‘bare-yuh-chafe’ and vote.

Tuesday October 6th all of America will be putting aside all their worries and clamoring to the polls to elect for a second term Barrack Obama as President.

In church on Sunday, on the television, on all electronic and social media the word was out about the location of polling places in each precinct.  Some residents in some states have voted early like President Obama himself but our people seem to wait until the last minute.  Anyhow tons of info is available advising folks where they can go to vote in ethnic enclave and communities.

Staten Island may still be under water; you may still have sand in your shoes from Hurricane Sandy; gasoline may still be in short supply;  power may not have been restored;  Manhattan Bridge may still be closed but there is a felt urgency to rise with the sun and do the right thing.  Simply vote.

At the time of writing 107 deaths were recorded from Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast and another 70 in the Caribbean.  It is only in one case that a Guyanese has been reported killed in a related motor vehicle accident in Atlantic City but there have been scores of minor infractions.   In places like Far Rockaway complete nursing homes had to be evacuated.  Some folks have also lost their entire homes and their vehicles will experience a direct-deposit in a junk yard.  Dollar stores have been doing brisk business selling mops and cheese cloths as women don their big-girl panties and go down on their knees to scrub the floors and clean up the basements.  Cell phones too have been silent and for some men, it is a blessing in disguise.

It is almost a foregone conclusion that Obama will win especially for rising to the immediate needs of Caribbean folks who punctuate the landscape in the affected swath of Hurricane Sandy that struck a week ago.  It has been really, really difficult for some folks to get their mojo back but finding their way to the polls is as easy as 1-2-3.  Even those folks who have relatives detained by the prison system and not convicted are being advised by electronic media where to put the ‘X’.

Nobody expected either of these two leaders to be like Obama but for Christ sake, say something…do something about the quality of life issues.  Every day is a gunshot.  592 Guyanese will die on the streets by accident; 592 will die by suicide; 592 will be killed by the Georgetown hospital; 592 will be killed by the police; 592 will be killed while pursuing gold and diamonds in the bush; 592 will also be killed in garden-variety street level homicides and another 592 policemen will lose their jobs/disciplined for misconduct while in active duty.

Elections are about a conversation, a course of action to facilitate and accommodate a working relationship so that together the politicians and the populace can conceive, perceive and achieve…not deceive.  AMEN.

OBAMA video


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