The Tradewinds- Guyana Medley – Satira Gal


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                 11 02 2012

Youthful Trini Osbourne aka Marlon Scott…33 last birthday, consumed just as many bullets as his age from four AK-47 shooters.  Four men have been brought into protective custody by the Guyana Police Force immediately.  Osbourne was a confidant of Ricardo Rodriguez who in turn was chief lieutenant of Roger Khan.  Khan is now absentee landlord of Guyana and chief-whip of President Bharrat Jagdeo and word is on the street that it (killings) is not over…. silent rivers run deep.

At the mid-day execution of Osbourne reports are he was playing some folk songs..satira-gal and was contemplating in earnest the critical state of race relations.  His intellectual and  civic side were never challenged but here it is he is being killed in a hail of bullets after the  controlled and staged ‘rub-out.’            

Lurking in the dark too is the balance of power in Gt.  To the naked eye, it is just another death in the estimated targeted goal of 592 again this year.  But there is more in the mortar than the pestle.  None of the overt victims or shooters are Indians.  The PPP elite has been trampling on the ancestral holdings and investments of other ethnic groups.  It may look like drugs but trust is what is at stake.

Forensic science does not tell the true cause of death.  The PPP has failed to create an environment to harness and capture the physical, intellectual and spiritual side of the populace.  The PPP has chucked young blacks especially with great potential into a criminal column.  No one race or region is superior to any other human.  The PPP has been using its office to fleece blacks and Portuguese of their ancestral homes and have been wielding power and destabilizing commonsense.  Virtues have long gone out the backdoor.    And when these values are diluted guns come thru the front door.  It is the young people who will bear the brunt of the assaults. The true criminals are the respective leaders and sympathizers and supporters of the get-rich-quick bulwarks.  But one-day, one-day Satira would lift-up-she-clothes and wine like a-Buxton-boar.

A little known demographic (fact) in Guyana is that every Minister, Advisor and Central Executive of the PPP has an immediate neighbor who is a drug dealer/trafficker.  One made and sponsored the other;  worst they cannot stand each other and herein lies the problem.  One leads and the other sets the standard for life style, accomplishments and image.  In some cases too, the children parang at Christmas and play phagwah and exchange video games.  ASOMELYKAM.

From a distance it looks like a drug deal gone bad but some professional and die-hard Gt-watchers have dubbed the episodes ‘satira-killings.’

Let me explain by way of a story.  Many years ago there was a man called SHILLING.  Shilling was a pre-eminent scholar and businessman who almost owned an entire coconut estate…Phoenix, a spit outside of Litchfield.  Shilling only wore white suits…white shirt, white flannel pants, white tie and white jacket.  And when Burnham came to power, he throw away the jacket and tie and switched to white shirt-jacks only.

Every Thursday religiously, Shilling used to make the pilgrimage to Georgetown with his Land Rover…PX 941 and one day somebody from Hopetown made him an offer for the TRIUMPH motorcycle that he owned.  It was only about ten times the bike was ever re-fuelled and was in immaculate condition and had a side carriage.  The bike never fell or had to be repaired and was stored in moth-balls.    Shilling had the bike for about ten years and it grieved his heart to sell but he did.  He rode it casually for recreation purposes.

When the new owner took custody of the bike, it had less than 800 miles.  Within a week, the bike had amassed 8,000 real-real road miles.  Some ‘coteurs’ told Shilling about the abuse the bike was suffering.  One night five people fell off the bike as the rider negotiated the Tempe turn.  They went to a dance in Golden Fleece where Little Jones played.  But that is a different story.

The morning after, Shilling got his police friends to detain the owner and handed back the price tag of G 1,000 which is like a million dollars now.  The bike was left to accumulate cob-web and rot in Shilling’s bottom house.

The PPP and confederates over the years have been able to buy out black folks and Portuguese business holdings.  Names like Tony Veira and Mendes come to mind.  Vieira’s television empire and Mendes’ sawmilling monopoly in Supernaam were all sold to known drug dealers.

These second and third generation land owners got good money but soon felt naked because there is only so much their money can do.  And when they look back at the level of abuse and mismanagement of their respective estates and holdings, these folks want back their thing.

Another estuary of the satira killings is that the police misrepresents both assassins and the assassinators as “body-guards.”  Are they?  Mark De Abreu has homes in Ogle, Prashad Nagaar, Providence plus business store fronts in North Road and Durban Street.

A former policeman and so called Godfather to Mark was in Gt a month ago and declined the use of one of the specially imported cars from Holland.  The ex-police was more concerned about protecting his good name rather than be caught up in the satira-brawls and sprawls.

The so called body-guards are more breadulent than the police and PPP executives combined.  They are on a witch hunt to take back the estates and holdings of their fore parents.  The faucets have been turned off due to the vigilance of the Joint Opposition…AFC/PNU.  Some of the promises and protection the PPP promised are not forthcoming.  There have been a few ‘mek-attempts’ like a Honorary Consul appointment to Spain.  Fowl-cock was promised the position of Regional Chairman for Essequibo after Alli Baksh was brought to Georgetown as Minister of State in Agriculture.  There is a laundry list of things promised but never received that is spurring the satira-killings.

The Laluni Street assassination of Trini Osbourne outside the home of Guyanese journalist Bert Wilkinson on Wednesday is just another person dying with critical information and secrets of the distressed PPP movement.

Judy Mowatt – Silent River Runs Deep


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  1. Posted by Son of Sam on November 3, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    So much written, but nothing said. This peice has failed miserably at attempting to explain the recent drug-related murders which have occurred in Guyana. Rather than provide a hard analytical perspective it borders on speculation fueled by hearsay. Obviously, some aspects of information gathering for such a piece will endanger the gatherer. However, when coming to the table to offer information for such an issue, the information must seek to offer clarity and to provide plausible linkages for the reader.


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