SANDY IN NAME AND NATURE (sand-in my shoes)


SANDY  IN NAME AND NATURE (sand-in my shoes)          

By  EWALT AINSWORTH                 10 30 2012

Now that the worst of Hurricane Sandy has moved further north, officials are calling on residents buckling in black outs to clear their freezers after 48 hours and 24 hours after their fridges have lost power.   Al Roker has sand in his shoe as he traverses what used to be the boardwalk and spreading a message of doing for self to rebuild.

A digital thermometer may also be a good thing to check food before consumption irrespective of the expiry date.

Schools are still closed and some office campuses have limited activity.  Power supplies will not be back to normal on or around the 5th of November…election eve.  There is debris, there are trees and there is sand in my-shoes after the water had receded.   

It is advisable for all affected persons along the large swath along the Atlantic seaboard to take pictures of everything including sand in your shoes.  Insurance adjusters only look at damage done and unless there is proof, nothing will happen.  Some communities are also saving money because buildings earlier earmarked for demolition croaked under the ferocious pressure of Hurricane Sandy but that will be put on the back burner right now.

The morning news on Wednesday 31st October, in the Diaspora painted a dismal and depressing picture.  FEMA is on the job; toll stations have suspended operations to allow folks to move to higher ground but nothing seems to be adequate to stave off and quell the damage done.    There are not enough trucks and earth moving equipment.  We really got pounded.    The Red Cross experienced sharks moving and swimming on the streets and they had to retreat.

Seabright is gone.  Wildwood  has to be rebuilt.  The beaches have expanded and the ferris wheels at the entertainment park seem to be at rest.  Queens experienced a fire and so too did a number of other communities.  Psychologists are encouraging folks to talk about the storm as if it was fun to lighten the impact.  Personally, I have sand in my shoes.  Today is the day to talk about our lives and what was…the insurance money will do little and it is the collective will of the people that will have to kick-in and do the rest.

Here and everywhere; neighbors across ethnic lines, religion, race, color  you name it…have to move the sand…perhaps the sand is imitating Dr Roger Luncheon when he said…”we shall not be moved.”   It is the sand in the shoes of the millions who live along the Atlantic Coast pummeled by Hurricane Sandy.  The water has receded but a constant downpour of rain is not making it better; it is merely making the sand heavier and more difficult to control.  In some cities families are still encouraged to leave for higher ground as clean up operations are accelerated.   Repairs and renovations and revitalization are estimated in the billions (with a b).  A 90 year old woman is reported dead from inhaling fumes from her generator she had operating in her garage.

There is an unconfirmed report of an ethnic woman pulverized in the Toms River community.  Apparently she took shelter on Monday evening in a gas station in the south bound lane.  She was awaiting trans-p for scores of hours to go north bound but because of the pending inclement and imminent hurricane, when the bus came north bound, no one was willing to give her a break to cross.  Apparently she made a dash but was struck.  No one stopped.  A police cruiser some two hours after impact felt the bump in the road.  The officer at the wheel is reported to have said he thought it was a deer; deers do not lie on the roadways in residential communities.  He went two to three miles further south and came back around but was unable to pinpoint the exact spot.  He circled a third time before being able to pull the body out.  The body was flattened; flattened like the passport or journal she was carrying.

The police in the area do not have much to work on.  She did not have a cell phone or driver’s license etc.  It is suspected that she may be a house cleaner.  48 hours have elapsed and the case for all intents and purposes will not be further investigated.

Hurricane Sandy has left more than 50 dead along the East Coast.  The casinos are self sufficient and scores are trapped within.  The mayor of the area is not accepting new visitors/tourists for fear of looting and other behaviors.

Tuesday is Election Day and President Obama has suspended his campaign to be with affected communities up and down the New Jersey shore.  Margate is a dark town; streets have become reservoirs for sand washed ashore and trees look like furnishings on a white snow-like background.  In Seasdide and Oxcean city the boardwalks have all been demolished.  Men in hard hats and heavy duty trucks and earth moving vehicles are working amidst sips of coffee and tea.

Train services from all other areas are terminating at Newark…last stop.  Mayor Bloomberg in New York across the Hudson river closed all bridges and tunnels for safety reasons.  There are inter-borough bus services.

There are shortages of food and gasoline primarily and everyone this writer knows by first name has moved a generator to the top of his/her wish list.  There are also advisories about dumping food from refrigerators but you know we Guyanese, we prefer to eat it all…rather belly bust than bittle spoil.


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