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The genetics of politics

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Oct 6th 2012 | from the print edition – The Economist magazine

The genetics of politics

Body politic

Slowly, and in some quarters grudgingly, the influence of genes in shaping political outlook and behaviour is being recognised

IN 1882 W.S. Gilbert wrote, to a tune by Sir Arthur Sullivan, a ditty that went “I often think it’s comical how Nature always does contrive/that every boy and every gal that’s born into the world alive/is either a little Liberal or else a little Conservative.”

In the 19th century, that view, though humorously intended, would not have been out of place among respectable thinkers. The detail of a man’s opinion might be changed by circumstances. But the idea that much of his character was ingrained at birth held no terrors. It is not, however, a view that cut much ice in 20th-century social-scientific thinking, particularly after the Second World War. Those who allowed that it might have some value were generally shouted down and sometimes abused, along with all others vehemently suspected of the heresy of believing that genetic differences between individuals could have a role in shaping their behavioural differences.  [Read more   The genetics of politics]


Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – She’s Royal


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             10 21 2012

Five generations of teeny-weeny ones and a sumptuous dash of all other ages in-betweeners, survivors and parallel marathoners made it to the 90th birthday celebrations in Toronto for Nennen.

She is also familiarly called Aunt Ruth…maiden name Alexander, and now wed to bingy-man  Sir  Charles Jackman (Jacko).

Aunt Ruth – “Nennen” at 90 not out

“Aunt Ruth”, a native of Springlands in East Berbice, resident of Greenheart Street in South Ruimveldt Gardens and prominent, Nennen in Toronto looked sharp and spicy.  She did all the line dances with her husband Jacko…Uncle Charles and sang word for word, line for line…Sparrow’s version of  ITS MY PARTY (and I cry if I want to;  you may cry too if it happen to you).

Normally at the first sight of frost/snow, for the last 20 years or so, both Aunt Ruth and Jacko would fold their tents and abort baby-sitting activities and head for Gt.    During summer the duo would pack their barrels and get their prescriptions filled and as soon as the Last Lap at Caribana is over …like clockwork…they gone.. they take off by  Caribbean Airlines and soak up the sun.  And when the tulips and magnolias start budding they come right back to be with daughter, grand-children and be Nennen to the West Indian community.  Aunt Ruth will also fulfill her moral obligation to her church while she is away without fail.              Continue reading




BY EWALT AINSWORTH             10 19 2012

The ‘use-by’ date has expired…Bullet points on the computer to remind President Donald Ramotar during his 62nd birthday celebrations this weekend  seem to be misconstrued, misinterpreted and miscellaneous in the eyes of the Big-man.
The man get bassady…frighten somebody go do he something… Ramotar should surprise himself and take a walk into the marketplace…Charity, Parika, Lusignan, Rose Hall or Skeldon…anywhere that Creole people gather to exchange ideas and cuss mattie about the declining standards.  Water more than corn flour; boat gone-a-falls; he can’t turn-back-now.

Killing people for their thoughts is another way of killing yourself.  Enough of running and hiding; get with the program and show them how you could wine-back, wine-down, go-round and come-round…just like your nemesis.  Shepherds may come and go but sheep remain sheep;  get out in the pasture and graze;  feel somebody bubby or pinch they batty…that can be cathartic for your birthday…after-all eh?        Continue reading

Kato-based policemen were killed after robbing Brazilians


Kato-based policemen were killed after robbing Brazilians

Demerara Waves – Thursday October 18, 2012

The bodies of the two Kato-based policemen were Wednesday morning discovered at Echerak- one with pellet wounds to his back and the other burnt to his legs.

Police Chief of Criminal Investigations, Deputy Commissioner Seelall Persaud told Demerara Waves Online News ( that Constable Marlon Letlow was shot to his back with a shotgun.Constable Leadon Adrian Aaron was found a short distance away from a burning tree stump with his legs burnt, added the Crime Chief.

Persaud said investigators were on the ground verifying information that the policemen might have robbed a number of Brazilians who retaliated by killing them. Persaud noted that Letlow had a history of being involved in irregular activities. No one has been arrested.

The Guyana Police Force subsequently issued the following statement:    Continue reading

There has to be another way – Roman Catholic Bishop

Monty Alexander plays Bob Marley-War

There has to be another way- Roman Catholic Bishop

Guest Columnist – by Roman Catholic Bishop, Francis Alleyne.

Demerara Waves Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ten children in a mini-bus commuting from Georgetown to home in Diamond are delayed in traffic for hours and witness fire, and confrontation between police and civilians; they hear verbal threats and harsh language. They are scared, tired, hungry and in tears. There has to be another way.

Frightening new images and haunting memories link the past with the present. No one, no community, and certainly not the nation benefit from the assaults and injuries inflicted by waiting criminal opportunists and stealth operators. All the noble aims and intentions are smothered and lost in the graphics of fires and masks and detritus. Nobody benefits.  Continue reading

More questions than answers in the deaths of Rodrigues and Puran

More questions than answers in the deaths of Rodrigues and Puran

October 16, 2012: Georgetown, Guyana: Yesterday, Ricardo Rodrigues, a close associate of jailed drug kingpin Roger Khan, was shot and killed by gunmen at the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) in Georgetown, just days after being released on bail following his detention over the unearthing of an arms cache in Lethem.
Today, his attorney Vic Puran mysteriously ‘ran off the road’ and into a trench with his vehicle. He was later found dead by residents of the Mahicony area. While we at OVNN believe in coincidence, it will require a suspension of disbelief to convince Guyanese citizens that the deaths of Puran and Rodrgues were not related. OVNN is urging local investigators to ensure that toxicology tests are conducted on Attorney Puran’s body. Ricardo Rodrigues was a known soldier in drug dealer, Roger Khan’s phantom squad. That he has been connected to both the PPPC party and Roger Khan is undisputed. It is a well known fact that members of the ruling PPPC in Guyana attended Ricardo’s wedding.   Continue reading




BY EWALT AINSWORTH                 10 16 2012

Attorney Vic Puran’s death overnite Monday after the slaying of Deputy Drug Lord Ricardo Rodrigues will both be assigned to the column of DEATH BY NATURAL CAUSES. Vic was lead attorney for Roger Khan and also had a working relationship with Ricardo.  Do-fud-do is not obeah.

Vic Puran was found dead in the main canal…the last turn before Perth and three short miles outside of his hog-farm in Strath Campbell.  (The Perth turn is exceptionally tight, like the old Hope turn on the East Coast).

The PPP today put out an SOS for Cuba to assist with pathologists in both the short term and long term.  The Georgetown hospital does not seem to have the requisite staff to cope with the chaos illustrated daily in the deaths and dying.  Rats have been disfiguring corpses and the staff has been operating on wrong bodies on a perennial basis.          Continue reading