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By  EWALT  AINSWORTH                10 27 2012

These next few days is strictly Halloween.  Please tell me what you coming as?

I planning to come in an embroidered halall carcass suit.  A making sure is a fresh carcass and untainted by coolie-jumbie ‘cause I scared they frighten me to death.

These days people just dying; they dying in they sleep like Mr. Richards or they getting gun-down…lick-down or simply drop dead..  just so.  Ask Canadian Le Blanc. As a Guyanese in the Diaspora I will not be frightened to death…nobody-go-run-me.    [see link on LeBlanc in hospital]

[Lady Gaga in a meat outfit…. Lady Gaga has sought to defend her decision to wear a controversial ‘meat dress’ at the MTV Video Music Awards, claiming she’s sticking up for what she believes in and bizarrely insisting that she’s “no piece of meat”.]

Within the medical community globally, researchers are always fascinated with what they call the ‘drop-dead’ syndrome.  Technically is more frightened to death, especially with Halloween around the corner.  Call it what you may; death is a reality and perhaps the PPP can adopt the syndrome and take it to the bank.

In Guyana folks frighten everything.  They frighten crapau, Jagdeo, Ramdeo, Basdeo, Sahadeo, Potaro, Ramotaro, Ricardo , lo-lo, polo, Solo…and all dem other Yeo.  Guyanese simply want to live a little longer just to see what will happen next cause people dropping like flies.  Life has no value.  Perhaps Percy Sledge should be invited in to sing…TRY A LITTLE TNDERNESS rather than woman-beater Chris Brown.

And that is in reference to ordinarily healthy people suddenly dropping dead.  In Guyana we got a thing we does say…when coolie-jumbie frighten you…some people does drop dead.  Coolie-jumbie does wait till nine days after you drop dead and then come again.  And if you get the jumbie mad, he come back another time again.  That is why people does say death does come in threes.  First it was Ricardo, then Vic and now Le Blanc.  Birds of a feather sit on the same limb.

In the case under surveillance one of the accomplices to Ricardo Rodrigues…Canadian John Le Blanc who had recovered fully and awaiting his passport, checked himself out mortally and his death has been assigned to the drop-dead syndrome column.

In the meantime the chief of security for deceased Ricardo Rodrigues…Mark DeAbreu, has turned himself in after a WANTED ad went out.  Reports suggest that the day of the shooting, he was not there by the side of his boss; very unusual.  Perhaps if he knows something, he should be able to say something especially because a few days before the massive shooting, there was a cocaine bust affecting the former Roger Khan right-hand man.  Le Blanc also knew something or two about the drug bust.  But that aside; the drop dead syndrome must be ventilated.

In Germany when they had the world cup finals some years ago, researchers established two control groups.  They looked at the national team and another local team.  On the days when the national team played there was this heightened anxiety and fans would simply drop dead.  On other days when just another team was playing, there was lack-luster interest even though the local team was winning.

In Victoria, the story was told of a young man downing Viagras chasing with high wine and Guinness for a particular result.  The man was able to maintain and sustain an erection for four hours…breaking and breaking records once, twice thrice.  And with that he said…” I could dead now.”  And he did.

In America on the eve of the Y2K and up to around 4.00 pm New Year’s day 2000, no deaths were recorded in almost 24 hours.  And that is because people were expecting something miraculous to happen and when nothing happened some folks simply got frightened and  dropped dead.  This is not suicide…this phenomenon has more to do with anxiety and achieving a specific goal and making the determination that nothing else is worth living for.

In other cases stories have been told about a Guyanese hitting 100 runs the first day he went to school in Canada and was drafted by a local cricket team.  The lil-man spent his summer in Gt and learnt the game lashing ball in the pasture aback of Canje.  When he come back the boy give everybody buck-sick. He also earned CDN 1,000.00 and was on TV.  The banna was so glad that he got that kind of money.  He opined…”I can drop dead now.”  And he did.

Reports surfacing on Friday, about the sudden and unexplained death of John Le Blanc, lend itself to the sudden death syndrome.  Le Blanc was shot and wounded while hanging out with his buddy Guyanese drug dealer Ricardo Rodrigues.  This shooting took place more than two weeks ago in Gt and the Canadian was reportedly faking illness.  He thought he would have been charged and jailed because he knew in his heart of hearts he was up to no good.

The Canadian High Commission never looked over their shoulders a or batted their eyes in relation to the existence of John Le Blanc.  But the Guyanese investigators returned his passport and a quantity of money he had in his person the day of the shooting.  Le Blanc always feared that he would be lost away in the Gt system but hey…?  This is Guyana and in the moment of getting back his identity and documents, he simply croaked.  ASOMELYKAM.

Mighty Shadow – Jumbies


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