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By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             10 20 2012

Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth

Gt communicologist and bloggist  Ewalt  (Waltie) Ainsworth has said that his disability  is not an in-ability;  it is his morality and plurality in a diverse society that has kept him going.

Waltie observed that “what man has done man can do.”  He only has light perception and uses a cane to ambulate.  He maintains his keen sense of humor and a knack for tantalize and remembering fropuscatious encounters in rural and rustic provinces.  Waltie is also a story teller of magnanimous proportions.  Last Friday night he spoke at an August gathering for UPPER LEVEL men in his Hampton hometown.    

Waltie has been a lifelong Christian and value-added mentor and student of psychology.  In Guyana the DECLARATION OF SOPHIA…a constitutional document premised on the Paramountcy of the Party was trumped by his own mother’s principles and statements.  He always defers to her for her stern and prophetic all-season wisdom.

Doreen Sophia was a majority of one.  She never accepted mediocrity or fallibility.  Sophia always declared that there would always be mountains and valleys; airplanes always take off against the wind and by reason, a disability must never be reckoned as an inability..it is always up to you to decide whether you sink or swim.

These ideas and ideals still reverberate and resonate long after death and Waltie did not lumber to insist on his audience of strictly men to build a tent of resilience and not resentment.

The UPPER LEVEL men meet biannually and the group after a sumptuous sit-down dinner sang songs of faith.  Waltie invited them all to sing along with him…THERE IS NO SECRET THAT GOD CAN DO.  The UPPER LEVEL men hummed and sang and swayed to the musical accompaniment of renowned pianist Michael Jackson.  Jackson has played piano-fortes in Liberia, Paris and Jamaica.  MJ is also resident choir-director at CHRIST THE KING…host venue for last Friday night’s meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for January 2013 and this time it will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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  1. i thank you for that expression,that is change if one can get their is no disability in my estimation that cannot allow one to look deep within to see other inabilities within thee God bless


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