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First Lady of Guyana – video interview

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First Lady of Guyana  – video interview


from Tanuja Raghoo – 9 months ago – Up Close and Personal with First Lady of Guyana,Mrs Deolatchmie Ramotar. Interview conducted by Tanuja Raghoo, Founder of Caribbean Spotlight Television, NYC.     Click on the link below and ENJOY


Howdy everyone… here’s just a little something for you to watch when you have time.

Someone commented on this interview and said: – ” I am moving back to Guyana to help this  First Lady and the administration on how to be prepared and how to conduct an interview; this is part of her new job is it not?. Now that she is the First Lady of Guyana, our great and prestigious country, I think we can do a little better than that. Who l is this Tanuja Raghoo person, what was it she was seeing that I did not see when she was talking about the passion, the love that is exuberance from her eyes and compassion for her people. Was I looking at a different interview? .    Continue reading