EZ Jet flight to Toronto grounded; creditor owed millions USD


EZ Jet flight to Toronto grounded; creditor owed millions USD

 October 25, 2011: Georgetown, Guyana: An EZ Jet flight bound for Toronto with a paltry 11 passengers has been held at the airport because of a nonpayment of $10M – $15M for fuel. Reports from our contacts at the CJIA indicate that the EZ Jet company owes Chevron-Texaco rebranded Rubis West Indies millions. Creditors are becoming nervous because of the recent lawsuit against the former CEO Sonny Ramdeo and the EZ Jet company.Reports from WEST PALM BEACH (Court House News Service) indicate that a hospital chain claims in court that its payroll manager Sonny Ramdeo and his two companies embezzled US$5.4 million from it and creditors are beginning to get nervous that their bills will go unpaid.The EZ Jet flight was scheduled to leave at 3 pm and by 7:50pm was still on the ground at CJIA. Insiders who wish to remain nameless indicate that a flight to Toronto incurs costs of more than $80,000 USD. That EZ Jet is flying with 11 passengers who each paid up to $800 USD round trip for total trip revenue of $8800 indicates that the airline is running at a significant loss. EZ Jet’s desperation is reflected in its recent ‘all you can fly’ specials which allows passengers to fly as often as they wish within a 1 month period for a flat rate.

EZ Jet was given significant concessions by the PPPC party and former President Jagdeo is reputed to be a silent partner in the enterprise. Today with creditors and passengers nervous, and Sonny Ramdeo on his way to the ‘slammer’, one has to wonder which this means for silent partner Bharratt Jagdeo and the future of the airline.


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