BY  EWALT AINSWORTH                 10 25 2012

Character is a by-product of brought-upsy but the current field and chapter of culprits do not lend easily to morality, virtues and valor.  The world with all its attributes of grace and gratitude,  despises Guyanese like mosquito and sand-fly on a wash-the-bush night.

We not only stealing but we also dealing, and squealing when we get ketch wid we pants down and we hands in the cookie jar.  The PPP, as a deliberate move to counteract the ‘lo-cal’ (low-calorie) addiction suspend printing of the DAILY CHRONICLE so that nobody can read about it.  One of the characteristics of a modern society is social media and the dino-saric PPP has a lot of catching up to do, media-wise.  The PPP also wants to shoot its way out of the problem of character and characteristics it is having.  We wish them well.  

In shelter communities in the diaspora, it is almost impossible to get a job of any sort without fingerprints.  Do you know why?  Too many Guyanese have been found wanting and to protect and identify characters who pilfer, defraud and indulge in graft, organizations as a matter of policy are fingerprinting all employees and potential workers.

Carpenters, home improvement specialists, store clerks, laundry workers, mechanics, au-pairs, chefs, security workers…everybody, has to have fingerprints.  At first all you needed for entry level jobs was knowledge of English and the ability to multiply and subtract at a lil-abc level.  Dem days done.  You are Guyanese you have to pass the e-verify test, you have to have three pieces of ID, you have to get three references, all your immediate siblings/parents have to be listed plus you have to have a credit history and an unblemished credit score (upwards of 650).  Hospital jobs demand medical and a car is extremely critical.

It costs approximately US 600.00 to prepare for a job and there is no guarantee you will get it.  Some employment agencies pick up some of the costs but do not offer more than 9.00 an hour without benefits.  FEMI in Essex County who has a nursing agency employs a handsome amount of Guyanese and pays a flat rate of 100.00 a day per employee.  His shifts are normally 12 hours and he provides transportation.  Fingerprinting is mandatory for each new client or annually. Femi even demands fingerprints of the  adult children and partner in the house…just in case.  Some families keep jobs within the household; it is snow illegal to take it upon yourself and send a niece or daughter to the client.

Traditionally shelter communities are recognised as New York, Newark, Baltimore, Chicago and Miami.  These are ports of entry but other communities like Philadelphia, Seattle and Clayton are finger printing too because of the heavy and robust presence of Guyanese.  Banks in some communities have special queues and airports have special benches to do business wid-we.  Guyanese have become our own worst enemies because we think we have world-knowledge.  Truth be told…we lack character and these characteristics are showing up in the theatres of work, recreation and travel.

The silence of President Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar seems to be short-hand for consent.  Silence is also a metaphor for cooperation because at the end of their tour of duty or project, the administration demands a cut.  Guyana is the land of schemes, kick-backs, bribes and curry-favor.  ASOMELYKAM.

Forensic studies of those committing and perpetrating frauds are leading to the Presidency and Central Executive of the PPP.  The PPP seems to have locked-in and stocked-up its membership at every level with petty thieves, drug dealers, corrupt practitioners and Teflon gangsters.  The PPP is hard-wired for disease and deceit and every day, every week, every month…pick your poison, another one is fingered.

This week it is Sonny “Ramdeo…CEO of Jagdeo’s official carrier…EZ-JET.  This week too, Gt lawyer  Albert Basdeo  (notice how Jagdeo, Ramdeo & Badeo like peas in a pod)…was  hauled before the courts.  Basdeo apparently has political ambitions in New York and shaved off a couple dollars from his fund raising and matching events.   Basdeo like Ramdeo and Jagdeo, does not like the Benjamins..his preference is the Jeffersons.    Guyana is the only country in the entire hemisphere where every Cabinet Minister and advisory functionary is a millionaire..ten million or more.  The path or avenue to the millions is never a subject for discussion but the characters and their searing characteristics proceed without caution.

The exploitation of little boys and girls is another cardinal sin but eye-na-see, heart-na-burn.

Last week Bernard Kerik, who almost became Guyana’s Commissioner of Police, appeared in a jump suit, shackled and handcuffed to give evidence in a Bronx corruption case.  The week before, it was Buddy Ahmad, personal friend and real estate mogul who scammed more than 30 million US dollars from US Mortgage Banks.

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT; THERE IS MORE.  The week after the week before the last week before, seven Guyanese were caught in St Vincent with 314 blank credit cards, binoculars, laptops and work tools…allegedly with the intention of ripping off ATM clients.

One of the stories making the rounds in the diaspora is about a Guyanese truck driver stopped somewhere outside of Syracuse New York…approximately 120 miles from the Canadian border heading North.  The State Trooper asked him to produce his driver’s license and he declined.  He was asked to step out of the vehicle and he declined.  The trooper proceeded to remove him physically;  a struggle ensued but nothing serious happened because by that time, back-up officers arrived.  The MERCEDES TRUCK that was being driven, is normally sold in China for about US 320,000.

The glove compartment and other parts of the car had just as much in Canadian currency stashed.  The driver of the car is alleged to have offered all the money and truck to be let off the hook.  But the officers did not bite.  Further investigations revealed that the Guyanese has a brisk cocaine smuggling ring off of THOUSAND ISLANDS.  He is sitting in a prison somewhere waiting for his court date …without bail.

Nationals from India especially are having a time of their lives in North America.  Some are returning home in sheer frustration because they are intrinsically linked and or look like Guyanese.

This writer, while working as a library consultant in Philadelphia, was approached by a young 22-year old female student originally from Pakistan.  Her boyfriend is Guyanese but three nights a week, she has late classes and each of those nights she would see evidence of him lurking and watch-manning she.  In her words…”what’s up with you Guyanese men?”  The banna apparently has typee-fuh-she and as a street level drug dealer, he does not feel secure with her graduating as a pharmacist.

The PPP has failed to impart wisdom, build character and induce confidence into the lives of its following.  Money, like food, has an ingrained curse.  The pursuit of money also cultivates tyrants and terrorists.  Herein lies the character flaw and faults of the PPP.  Worse is that none of the Presidents is willing to take that noble step to promote grace, gratitude and gravitas…especially in this guava season.  Too many young men are taking wings and wanting to fly without the necessary attitude and aptitude.  Perhaps it may make sense and an un-common sense to simply stand down for character-sake rather than standing up for these characters.  AMEN.


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  1. Posted by K.M.Jones on October 26, 2012 at 12:18 am

    When I migrated to the US in 1965 and entered undergraduate college while working full time I was so very proud, as was my fellow Guyanese who were also doing the double involvement bit, to identify myself as a Guyanese.The reason was simple, we were considered as super intelligent and honest, hard working folk. Employers asked us to recommend other Guyanese to fill vacancies and we did. Later, however, especially within the past 20 years there are so many of us who are reluctant,myself included, to assert our Guyanese heritage among strangers because of the raft of negativity and illegality with which Guyanese are now associated. Sad!Sad!Sad!


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