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Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – She’s Royal


By  EWALT AINSWORTH                             10 21 2012

Five generations of teeny-weeny ones and a sumptuous dash of all other ages in-betweeners, survivors and parallel marathoners made it to the 90th birthday celebrations in Toronto for Nennen.

She is also familiarly called Aunt Ruth…maiden name Alexander, and now wed to bingy-man  Sir  Charles Jackman (Jacko).

Aunt Ruth – “Nennen” at 90 not out

“Aunt Ruth”, a native of Springlands in East Berbice, resident of Greenheart Street in South Ruimveldt Gardens and prominent, Nennen in Toronto looked sharp and spicy.  She did all the line dances with her husband Jacko…Uncle Charles and sang word for word, line for line…Sparrow’s version of  ITS MY PARTY (and I cry if I want to;  you may cry too if it happen to you).

Normally at the first sight of frost/snow, for the last 20 years or so, both Aunt Ruth and Jacko would fold their tents and abort baby-sitting activities and head for Gt.    During summer the duo would pack their barrels and get their prescriptions filled and as soon as the Last Lap at Caribana is over …like clockwork…they gone.. they take off by  Caribbean Airlines and soak up the sun.  And when the tulips and magnolias start budding they come right back to be with daughter, grand-children and be Nennen to the West Indian community.  Aunt Ruth will also fulfill her moral obligation to her church while she is away without fail.              Continue reading