BY EWALT AINSWORTH             10 19 2012

The ‘use-by’ date has expired…Bullet points on the computer to remind President Donald Ramotar during his 62nd birthday celebrations this weekend  seem to be misconstrued, misinterpreted and miscellaneous in the eyes of the Big-man.
The man get bassady…frighten somebody go do he something… Ramotar should surprise himself and take a walk into the marketplace…Charity, Parika, Lusignan, Rose Hall or Skeldon…anywhere that Creole people gather to exchange ideas and cuss mattie about the declining standards.  Water more than corn flour; boat gone-a-falls; he can’t turn-back-now.

Killing people for their thoughts is another way of killing yourself.  Enough of running and hiding; get with the program and show them how you could wine-back, wine-down, go-round and come-round…just like your nemesis.  Shepherds may come and go but sheep remain sheep;  get out in the pasture and graze;  feel somebody bubby or pinch they batty…that can be cathartic for your birthday…after-all eh?       

Folks in the Diaspora, in addition to wishing the President a happy birthday, inserted bullet point featuring Bernard Kerik who almost became the Commissioner of Police under the watch of Jagdeo.  Kerik was hauled into court in New York in an orange jump suit, handcuffs and shackles to give evidence in a corruption case.

Meanwhile Ed Ahmad, a personal friend of Jagdeo has pleaded guilty…more bullet points to the documents, so that the PPP leadership and central executive can be aware and beware of the company they keep during the week of celebrations.

Read article on Kerik: Disgraced NYPD chief surfaces at perjury trial

So much is happening and the President is not saying anything.

Mahaicony is the tribal hometown of Prime Minister Sam Hinds and to think that Charity begins at Charity the PM would ensure that his own family, neighbors and comrades can drive safely…nope.

The people who control the media use entertainment as an antidote in an evil society –  the latest is that they are bringing Chris Brown for a Mega Concert on Boxing Day.  Lies as truth is the new official bullet points in communication within GT.  The PPP has deceived the nation by giving laptops, new Toyota cars, Chinese hand guns and take out dinners.  The fish shops, Bourda Market, the new malls and strip-joints are better equipped, better financed, better run, better patronized and better sanitized than the hospital, the prisons or shelters.  Long time ago houses used to have more people than bedrooms;  now is more bedrooms than people.  You can also get bullets and guns to buy at several points in town and in country.  Children learn their alphabets by reciting the markings on their guns.  (AK-47 & SLR) ASOMELYKAM.

Sam Hinds is a scientist; Dr Roger Luncheon is a cardiologist.  Jennifer Flowers is a Cuban trained doctor too.  One of them should put aside their ego and whisper to Jagdeo  or Ramotar that it looking bad…birthday or no birthday.
Can you imagine that so many black youths with bullet points all over the body and rat biting off their nose and nibbling at their lips eh?  Imagine Cheddie without his nose…not only would he not smell but his sense of direction will be obscured?  Talk half/leff half.

It is strange that so many people can foresee the weather in the morning and determine what to wear to avoid being wet but can’t look at the politicians and see the bullet points coming and not doing anything about it eh?  I suppose the indoctrination is so intense, so deliberate, so focused that to run at the last minute is the better choice.  Perhaps  that is why so many getting hit in their brains, backs and buttocks.

The last ten days in the diaspora, gasoline prices came down ten consecutive days…Brooklyn used to be US 4.02; now it is about US 3.79.  Guyana has recorded twice as many bullet shells/casings expended….including two policemen in Kato on the border of the Pakaraima mountain range.   One can imagine with the technology available the Letlow and Aaron families of these two boys will never get to impart a decent send off.  (See link —Kato-based policemen were killed after robbing Brazilians

The PPP has made it a cottage industry…chaos illustrated …by wiping out…breaking the necks and spines of lawyers, academics, doctors, engineers, technicians et al.  Those that the PPP favors are promoted to positions of public relations and damage control…another succinct way of neutering and controlling the normally brilliant and bright brainiacs.

Guyanese do not need binoculars or obeah to see and perceive that each time a lawyer or noble citizen is killed in the realm and theatre of getting better, in essence things become worse.  The PPP after 20 years has not invested in the infrastructure of the country.  There has been private wealth…big house, big car, Blackberries, shopping trips, jewelry et al but nothing in the line of enhancing the base nature of morality and camaraderie.  In Guyana you experience more foreigners than dog puppies.  You have to know Chinese and Portuguese or else yuh-cork-duck.

A civil war is in progress.  Many more will die.  Cuba will have to send more pathologists, more emergency room technicians and cardiac  specialists. Bullets have been juxtaposed with awara seeds and or curru marbles.  A healing song for all and sundry can be a birthday gift fuh the big-man on his 62nd birthday, the 22nd of October in the year of our Lord, 2012.  AMEN

50 CENT… Go charlie/shawty its your birthday


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