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BY EWALT AINSWORTH             10 19 2012

The ‘use-by’ date has expired…Bullet points on the computer to remind President Donald Ramotar during his 62nd birthday celebrations this weekend  seem to be misconstrued, misinterpreted and miscellaneous in the eyes of the Big-man.
The man get bassady…frighten somebody go do he something… Ramotar should surprise himself and take a walk into the marketplace…Charity, Parika, Lusignan, Rose Hall or Skeldon…anywhere that Creole people gather to exchange ideas and cuss mattie about the declining standards.  Water more than corn flour; boat gone-a-falls; he can’t turn-back-now.

Killing people for their thoughts is another way of killing yourself.  Enough of running and hiding; get with the program and show them how you could wine-back, wine-down, go-round and come-round…just like your nemesis.  Shepherds may come and go but sheep remain sheep;  get out in the pasture and graze;  feel somebody bubby or pinch they batty…that can be cathartic for your birthday…after-all eh?        Continue reading