More questions than answers in the deaths of Rodrigues and Puran

More questions than answers in the deaths of Rodrigues and Puran

October 16, 2012: Georgetown, Guyana: Yesterday, Ricardo Rodrigues, a close associate of jailed drug kingpin Roger Khan, was shot and killed by gunmen at the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) in Georgetown, just days after being released on bail following his detention over the unearthing of an arms cache in Lethem.
Today, his attorney Vic Puran mysteriously ‘ran off the road’ and into a trench with his vehicle. He was later found dead by residents of the Mahicony area. While we at OVNN believe in coincidence, it will require a suspension of disbelief to convince Guyanese citizens that the deaths of Puran and Rodrgues were not related. OVNN is urging local investigators to ensure that toxicology tests are conducted on Attorney Puran’s body. Ricardo Rodrigues was a known soldier in drug dealer, Roger Khan’s phantom squad. That he has been connected to both the PPPC party and Roger Khan is undisputed. It is a well known fact that members of the ruling PPPC in Guyana attended Ricardo’s wedding.  
Drug Dealer Roger Khan will be remembered for being employed as the money and the muscle of PPPC government the early 2000′s after the 2001 notorious jail break. Khan’s ‘crime fighting’ activities were sanctioned by PPPC Minister Ramsammy and by implication President Jagdeo; It was Ramsammy who signed the letter of approval for drug dealer Roger Khan to import spy equipment in Guyana to spy on the leaders of the armed forces at that time. In his own words, Khan stated that, he and his elite group of mercenaries were responsible for assisting the Guyana Police Force (GPF) in combating five escapees whom it is believed were responsible for a number of robberies and murders.
“When governments befriend criminals, law and order becomes unmanageable, … it often provides fertile ground for the cultivation of lawlessness and crime in untold proportions”. Some say that the deaths of Rodrigues and Puran are attempts of a wealthy and powerful cabal to obscure the facts in ‘the case of the high powered smuggled weapons’. Since the facts are not clear, OVNN is urging all Guyanese to ask themselves these very important questions:-
1) Why did AG Anil Nandilall not show up for Ricardo Rodrigues’ day in court?
2) Why did the magistrate let a man suspected of smuggling high powered weapons into Guyana free on a paltry $100,000 GY bail [$500 USD] Last week a teenage girl was remanded to jail without bail for possession of grams of marijuana.
3) Who were the high powered weapons for? It stands to reason that if the weapons were a threat to the PPPC government, they would have extended their long reach to ensure that Rodrigues was never granted bail and they would have been sure to reinforce the importance of AG Nandilall’s presence in court for this very important case. They did neither. We are left to therefore concluded that the weapons were smuggled for the purpose of arming ‘friends of the PPPC’, but why?
The PPPC are a nervous party today. Citizens are restless. They compare their lives of poverty and suffering with the PPPC elite who continue to steal taxpayer dollars and they are not happy. Their children are at risk as the police department; under the orders of the PPPC government, encourage nightly patrols of African communities, routinely harassing and arresting Black youth.
There are protests popping up in towns all over Guyana; they are under opposition scrutiny in parliament; they cannot steal as much as they used to; and most importantly, in spite of all of their attempts to control the armed forces, they find it difficult to view them as a professional unit and thus are wary of the divisions and loyalties of the ranks.
They have therefore decided to build their own private militia. A militia staffed by their supporters, trained by overseas mercenaries, and funded by drug smuggling, taxpayer dollars and local business interests. So rather than risk a Ricardo Rodrigues trial, risk exposure, risk names being called, and risk further outrage of the people; some unnamed representative has given the order to ‘clean up’ the mess.
The last remaining piece of which seems to be Puran’s files. OVNN is urging lawyers who share Puran’s building to be aware of the risk of a break-in of Puran’s office or an upcoming suspicious fire. It seems to be the last remaining piece in this sordid and sad tale of a compromised government forced to make deals with the devil because of their lack of trust of their own armed forces. All peace loving citizens of Guyana should be very concerned with these recent developments. Guyanese want a government of peace and unity, not death and destruction.
©2012 OneVoiceCanWin | Georgetown, Guyana

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