BY EWALT AINSWORTH                 10 16 2012

Attorney Vic Puran’s death overnite Monday after the slaying of Deputy Drug Lord Ricardo Rodrigues will both be assigned to the column of DEATH BY NATURAL CAUSES. Vic was lead attorney for Roger Khan and also had a working relationship with Ricardo.  Do-fud-do is not obeah.

Vic Puran was found dead in the main canal…the last turn before Perth and three short miles outside of his hog-farm in Strath Campbell.  (The Perth turn is exceptionally tight, like the old Hope turn on the East Coast).

The PPP today put out an SOS for Cuba to assist with pathologists in both the short term and long term.  The Georgetown hospital does not seem to have the requisite staff to cope with the chaos illustrated daily in the deaths and dying.  Rats have been disfiguring corpses and the staff has been operating on wrong bodies on a perennial basis.         

The 58 year old prominent GT lawyer is originally from Mahaica, but has serious agricultural investments in #10 Mahaicony…most likely with proceeds from the drug industry.

President Donald Ramotar promised “US OR CHAOS” as his electioneering slogan.  We have it now illustrated in the symphony of deaths and disease.

And if the old man say-suh-is-suh.  ASOMELYKAM.

Chaos is very easy to cultivate, orchestrate and illustrate.   It has been promised by the PPP Central executive and now it is being delivered and the PPP is ratcheting up its stockpile of weapons.  Most of the hogs raised by Vic are transported by road via Linden to Brazil.  The PPP even though they embrace Vic as one of them, despise him for exporting food to Brazil.  Brazil has the largest concentration of blacks outside of Africa.

Knowledgeable legal sources in Gt confirmed in a telephone conversation that Vic Puran has a reputation of “breaking his bread over his teacup.” He always looked over his shoulders and did not trust anyone.  At the time of death he was purported to be hauling tons of stock feed and may have been driving at a fast clip but there is no evidence to support that theory. Another loud-mouth one referred to both Gaskin and “Greene dying in motor vehicle accidents….suggesting “this is Guyana…chaos illustrated.”

Over recent years Vic had re-organised and re-aligned his practise and professional self to the Guyanese drug community and has re-invested in the ethnic enclave aback of civilization…away from the bustling crowd.

Vic was the coordinating attorney for the Roger Khan drug ensemble; Ricardo was killed shortly after 3.00 pm Monday.  Vic was attending court in Georgetown as part of the Linden Commission of enquiry but was discovered after midnight in his car, steeped in the Perth Canal.  There were no signs of an impact or skid marks or broken shrubs where his vehicle was found.

Certain wicked ones have also confirmed that this is another “chaos-illustrated” in

Since the killing of Commish Greene in West Demerara, a month ago, even though Greene was retired the PPP Central Executive has intensified its hard nose not to make Leroy Brummel its commissioner.  The PPP has a covert parallel organization that is armed to the teeth.  This para-military group operates outside the ambit of the Home Affairs Ministry but aligned to the Office of the President.  Which President…depends on the client to be erased.

Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon a week ago, hinted to the existence of this brazen unit and challenged the folks of Agricola especially to continue protesting.

Tuesday saw the Guyana Police Force begging the folks in Agricola to literally stand down because they are afraid that this group that has done harm to both Ricardo and Vic may be edging to rub out a few more.

Meanwhile Crime Chief Seelall Persaud declared that charges will be brought 24 hours after  Ricardo’s death;  they have their sights on his assailant.  No commitments were made to find the killer of Attorney Vic Puran…another example of chaos illustrated.

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