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More questions than answers in the deaths of Rodrigues and Puran

More questions than answers in the deaths of Rodrigues and Puran

October 16, 2012: Georgetown, Guyana: Yesterday, Ricardo Rodrigues, a close associate of jailed drug kingpin Roger Khan, was shot and killed by gunmen at the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) in Georgetown, just days after being released on bail following his detention over the unearthing of an arms cache in Lethem.
Today, his attorney Vic Puran mysteriously ‘ran off the road’ and into a trench with his vehicle. He was later found dead by residents of the Mahicony area. While we at OVNN believe in coincidence, it will require a suspension of disbelief to convince Guyanese citizens that the deaths of Puran and Rodrgues were not related. OVNN is urging local investigators to ensure that toxicology tests are conducted on Attorney Puran’s body. Ricardo Rodrigues was a known soldier in drug dealer, Roger Khan’s phantom squad. That he has been connected to both the PPPC party and Roger Khan is undisputed. It is a well known fact that members of the ruling PPPC in Guyana attended Ricardo’s wedding.   Continue reading




BY EWALT AINSWORTH                 10 16 2012

Attorney Vic Puran’s death overnite Monday after the slaying of Deputy Drug Lord Ricardo Rodrigues will both be assigned to the column of DEATH BY NATURAL CAUSES. Vic was lead attorney for Roger Khan and also had a working relationship with Ricardo.  Do-fud-do is not obeah.

Vic Puran was found dead in the main canal…the last turn before Perth and three short miles outside of his hog-farm in Strath Campbell.  (The Perth turn is exceptionally tight, like the old Hope turn on the East Coast).

The PPP today put out an SOS for Cuba to assist with pathologists in both the short term and long term.  The Georgetown hospital does not seem to have the requisite staff to cope with the chaos illustrated daily in the deaths and dying.  Rats have been disfiguring corpses and the staff has been operating on wrong bodies on a perennial basis.          Continue reading