My Dear – Performed by Bill “The Crooner” Newman


By Ewalt Ainsworth            10 15 2012

Ricardo Rodrigues

Security officials in GT, Crime sleuths and the Central Executive of the PPP and Cabinet Secretariat were all viciously huddling and tele-communicating after a brazen shoot out at a gymnasium in Timehri that left Ricardo Rodrigues officially dead.  Ricardo, a chief lieutenant of internationally renowned drug dealer Roger Khan (RK), did not stand a chance.  He had new puncture holes in more places than he had orifices in his body.  More bullets hit him than he had teeth in his mouth or hairs on his chin.  Ricardo died instantaneously. Three others were wounded.

The new question to be resolved is…will there be revenge killings?    

And if past performance is any indication of things to come, the killing of Commish Henry Greene is the one sore mistake Presidents Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar will live to regret. The PPPP was too ambitious to get too rich too quickly and entrusted Guyana into the hands of RK who brought them notoriety packaged with prosperity.   RK made the calls and influenced every major decision Jagdeo made.

The Berbice River Bridge was anchored to Cotton Tree where RK has family.  The gold and timber exports were engineered by RK and the salaries and emoluments of public servants were all underwritten by RK.  RK even championed international relations with Suriname and Holland and Indonesia and India on behalf of  the PPP.   The only thing he did not bring to Guyana was snow.   Talk half/leff half.

Dr Roger Luncheon’s fat talk about rumbling will be deleted from the official transcript.  Odinga Lumumba will now get the appointment displacing and replacing Clement Rohee as Home Affairs Minister.  Lumumba, if he gets past his character issues, will be literally turning the gun against his own ethnic self.  No other body seems to want the job; not even Gale Texiera who likes to play big and bad.  War-Lord Seelall Persaud try a thing but lacks the stealth and so Lumumba heads the short list.

This new phase, this new season of tribalism, will go down as the mother of all wars  starting up a chapter  that threatens to engulf Guyana.  This phase will also blur ethnic, sexual preference, region, religion, age, race and rage.  All shall feel it because all are involved.  The lines at the American embassy start an hour earlier with immediate effect.  The DEA now has offices in Guyana and air fares have been reduced to shuttle Indians out of the country on a first name basis.

The sheep will be separated from the goats.  The bronze capped munitions that have Chinese writing will go into the recycle bin as fresh new columns of smoke and gun fire permeate the urban skylines without fail on a daily basis.  The PPP, by sheer association and greed, has made this conflagration possible.  Guyanese meet where they going eh?

Here is the official announcement in DEMERARA WAVES on Ricardo’s death.

Updated: Ricardo Rodrigues shot dead, three others injured



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