Monty Alexander Trio – No Woman, No Cry


Guyanese are slitting each other’s throat and shooting they-behind and plunging knife-long wedgers into each other’s throat as if the end is near.  Perhaps.

Linden   Member of Parliament Vanessa Kissoon Monday told the reconvened Inquirty into the Kara Kara bridge shooting that she had to duck and run as bullets aimed for her buttocks, back and brains fell in open pastures.  Gentle Jesus does not wear pajamas and to fathom a brawl  ending at Mc Kenzie market square and mall is a tall order.  It should not be down-played that the Joint Opposition should ask for random drug tests of the TSU and even Central Executive of the PPP to see what barbiturates and opiates they take from time to time.           

The thugs and manikeearams and wicked ones see this and as a precautionary and preventative measure in beds, in bedrooms, in the bush, in offices, at fish shops, in markets…anywhere and everywhere two and three are gathered.  Hence the wholesale slaughter and burial.

Guyana is a money society and at the street level in the absence of conscious banks, killing each other is the fastest and guaranteed measure to create re-distribution of money and connie.  Ask Rohee…he is the chief cook and bottle washer eh?

The PPP executive does not trust anyone anymore and so the people have also grown to distrust each other and the very air they breathe…real and perceived. It is only a question of time that the recruits and recruiters start the trajectory of shooting up and not down….if you read between the lines.

And on the East Coast…Goedverwagting to be precise…home of  LYKEN FUNERAL PARLOR and official residence of  PRESIDENT JAGDEO…a woman was stabbed fatally;  her sister escaped narrowly and the family is looking for her assailant diligently.

Something is wrong.

Here is an extract from the news reports overnight…

Man kills wife, stabs her sister

An East Coast Demerara woman was Sunday night stabbed to death by her partner while her sister escaped with wounds.The dead woman is 43-year old Allison Bowen of  Lot 1 “Claybrick Road,” Goedverwagting.Demerara Waves Online News was told that the woman was stabbed several times to the chest and hand by the man who is reportedly the father of her child.Her sister, 37-year old Nicole King also known as Nicola Bowen, was also reportedly stabbed to the body and hand but was admitted to the GPHC conscious and in a stable condition.DemWaves was told that the incident stemmed from a domestic dispute. The only name of the alleged assailant has been given as Alex. He is a carpenter. Alex and Allison had been common law spouses for the past eight years.Relatives, who flocked the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, were visibly shocked and saddened by the tragedy. One of them vowed to kill the man who allegedly commited the act.The girls’ mother, after seeing one of her daughters, began crying and praying aloud. “When I used to talk to my daughter to turn around her life to God, she ain’t had no time with me,” said the mother inside the Accident and Emergency Department.


#1 LH 2012-10-15 02:02

Lord please let The police find Alex before my brothers do. we don’t need anymore bad news

+20 #2 soldierman 2012-10-15 06:44

Here we go again, murder, violence, when will it ever end in Guyana? if you and your spouse can’t cooperate with each other, just make your exodus and find someone else, that’s no excuse for murder. When people don’t heed the advice of elders, the result is always destructiom, I can understand that mother’s pain.

+16 #3 Roxanne 2012-10-15 06:53

This is such a tragedy. I do hope the police do find Alex before the victims brothers do. This family don’t need any more sad news. May God give you all strength to carry on.


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