Black Stalin – IN TIME


BY  EWALT AINSWORTH          12 12 2012

Belgrave may never be buried…at least not this weekend as originally planned by the Poudroyen community.  The Health Minister and Chief Pathologist have discovered that the mandatory autopsy requirement was performed on the wrong body.

Reports emerging from Gt suggest that the family and activists of the joint opposition showed up on Friday to get the results and prepare for burial only to discover that another corpse…a black one at that… was presented… that has no features or resemblance like the one shot at Hadfield Street on the eve of his 22nd birthday.  A quick search of the morgue jointly by officials and family also was futile.  Wrong dead is the sweet refrain but this time of year when during this same season eons ago Christopher Columbus discovered the new world, other discoveries are being made.  Talk half/leff half.   

New questions are rising.  Is there an underground body parts industry in Guyana?  Why are so many cadavers warehoused in the system?  Is it poverty or non-communication between hospital and relatives?  Or is it all of the above?

Changing gears.  The Poudroyen community where Belgrave’s parents live are still hoping that they can bury their dead asap.  They are also hoping that Hadfield Street and environs will maintain and sustain their protests and join them when they march on the day of the funeral and link-up with Agricola for a mass display of dissent and disdain for Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee.

Thursday night the East Bank highway was never cleared until the mid-night hour.  On Friday scores of employees, farmers and schools were bare.  Mr. Success after school program in Eccles cancelled lessons until further notice.
Rohee, by refusing to step down during the extended window that expired last Wednesday by midnite, has forfeited all his pensions and emoluments.  Cabinet Chief, Dr Roger Luncheon has lost his mojo and  mind.  Former President Desmond Hoyte was the first to verbalise the tenuous nature of Luncheon’s mental health status.  And like Jagdeo, Luncheon does not trust anyone and so why should we trust him too?

And when there is no mental health, there is no physical and or spiritual health.  One of the first signs of mental deficiency is hygiene practices.  Guyana is rated among the bottom of the dirtiest cities of 170 nations polled.  Guyana, depending on high tide or low tide, fluctuates between 158 and 167 of the dirtiest cities.  Singapore is the cleanest; Jagdeo has partially mimicked the President of Singapore in paying himself like a corporate executive.  This writer does not have to deviate and read and spell everything.

Already the warning signs are up about a pending food shortage in Guyana this Christmas.  Indo Guyanese farmers have been incentivized not to feed predominantly black communities.  Most foods are shuttled overseas back track.   And other families in the diaspora have to send barrels with industrial food to take care of their parents, offspring and other relatives.

Guyanese of child bearing age and able bodied citizens have all left the land; is only old people and lil children waiting for the next money transfer from Western Union that punctuates the land.  The biggest industry in Guyana is now security guard…Guyana $100.00 (US 50 cents) an hour.  Black people have to front as jagabats andf jankelaars on behalf of their Indian bosses and agents.    Depression is the greatest contributor to hunger, prostitution illness and crime.  The police know all of these things and have road blocks every ten miles on every rural road to hijack and intimidate predominantly black youths.  Friday nights especially, country boys have to form gangs, partnerships and hold hands to avoid the sting, bullets and traumas and dramas the police would normally unleash without provocation.

Facial apartheid is part of the equation to starve the nation and impose the PPP as a staple.  The PPP uses brute force and ignorance to submit predominantly black youths into submission.  Rohee has the blessings of the Central Executive to do to the nation what was done to him.  And Dr Luncheon can sing about it in front of an open mike and cameras without shame.  ASOMELYKAM.

The PPP has not been giving approval and licenses to containerized food importers to bring stuff.  Farmers too were unable during the Linden protests to get products to market and replant for the winter season.  America too has been experiencing bad weather prompted by global warming.

The Investigative communities and Drug Enforcement community have set up offices now in Gt.
Surveillance is tight.  Scores of airports around the world now have Guyana benches to observe and interrogate Guyanese who have cultivated an appetite for skullduggery and graft.  Corruption is now the national sport.

Truths have become lies and lies have become truths.  The PPP government has institutionalised facial apartheid and has made gold teeth an emblem and symbol for corruption.

The last word before going to press is that scores of open back LIGHT TRUCKS with uniformed policemen have taken up positions along the East Bank public road with a heavy concentration in Agricola.  All of this is preventative and precautionary to avoid a repeat of fires in the back seats of cars the morning after the night before.  ASOMELYKAM.

Friday should have been the funeral day when Poudroyen and Hadfield Street mouners and protesters join forces with their equals in Agricola.



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