Residents of the Agricola community set fires blocking the East Bank Demerara Road



BY  Ewalt Ainsworth                                       10 10 2012

Scores of cars bumper to bumper on the East Bank highway are on fire; passengers are jumping out of mini-buses, commercial vans, private cars and bawling…FIRE IN THE BACK-SEART. Civic minded citizens are coming out with buckets of water and dowsing some while others roll on the parapets to out-out the fire.    

And at the government level Dr Roger Luncheon may be going ‘coronary.’  A heart attack must not be ruled out as he bamboozles and reclaims stealth and protects the best of his worst.  Fire is also raging at the cabinet level and the end games are in sight.  Agricola will not step back until there is genuine reform and tom-foolery takes a back seat.

There is no method to the madness.  The Army is on Red-Alert while school children, farmers, civil servants and residents from all riverian regions  can be seen  running helter-skelter trying to locate family and sympathizers as folks from Agricola launch a new bracket of protests.  Some folks are applying flour and other homemade remedies to assuage burns and abrasions.  Things are getting out-a-hand.

Today,  Thursday October 11, 2012, was the court day for the police officers and supervisor who shot and killed 17-year old Shaquille  Grant about a month ago in cold blood.  Two of the officers have disappeared and have been charged in absentia.  The one in custody are being given special privileges and this has angered sorely Agricola and all who dwell within.  Scores of civic organizations and businessmen have frowned on the PPP for promoting facial apartheid…shooting and killing predominantly black youths.

Fire has enveloped the highways and byways.  Firemen, police, soldiers, volunteers et al cannot keep pace with the cat and mouse arsonists.  A usual contact who lives in Nandy Park gave a verbal undertaking to provide video footage but later declined as he was distracted.  He admitted verbally “ I just high-jack a bike” (bicycle) to pick up his 10-year old son who attends after-school common entrance lessons, in Eccles.

My contact is safe but the back seat of his car is extremely damaged.  Attempts to re-contact him were futile.

Luncheon ready to rumble with opposition over Rohee

In the meantime, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon has been put out to pasture as chief spokesman for the widke-ones.  Luncheon put on a show of defiance and declared that “we shall not be moved.” An un-intentional side show of Rohee leaving is that scores of others will be dragged down;  worst case scenario they will all lose their salaries, pensions, immunity, priority, emoluments, status et al.

Luncheon not only said it but sang it for the Guyana Press corps to see and hear.  He described Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee as one of his best men and “if the big man says suh is suh.”

Rohee is essentially a bare-foot thug and wife beater; a jankelaar par excellence.  Rohee is brawn and no brains; he has no academic, professional or technical skill set. But when the PPP want to rub you out or set you up for failure, the jankelaar is the go-to person.

Rohee in his formative years was homeless, a petty thief and used to catch-his-hand for quarters safe-guarding bicycles outside of Metropole cinema.  He was the moral equivalent of a street-bum.

At one street level, he never minced and mixed matters; he would jook out yuh eye if you stared at him too long.  He was able to bully his way into the confidence of the PPP Central Executive and became Guyana’s First Foreign Minister under the PPP government.  Up to this day Rohee does not know that the Dominican Republic and Dominica are two different and separate states.

The Joint Opposition…APNU & AFC have called for his resignation and issued a deadline which expired midnight on Wednesday.  Now that he will be forced to go Rohee would lose all his pensions and other emoluments.  He may also lose the three homes he has, including the one in Eccles that he resides in.

David Rudder – A Madman’s Rant


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