Mighty Sparrow – Big Bamboo


By   EWALT AINSWORTH       10 08 2012

This week Monday, more than 200 million Americans woke up to temperatures below freezing in 31 different states.  Guyanese on the other hand got up with fresh-cold and boo-boo and snatty noses as yet another youth has been shot and killed and no excuse can justify the senseless killing.  APNU and AFC are in full mobilization gear.  This is a group collective and will delete the bastard- bureaucrats and paper-back leaders who are issuing the fatwahs  to kill, maim and or disable the next generation of predominantly black youths….pdys.  

The PPP when it came to power two decades ago over time derailed the competence and skill levels of police and copied wholesale the American 911-system.  Policing in Guyana was a community based system while in 911 situations; it is about quick responses with sirens blaring, adrenalin pumping and guns blazing.

The Cabinet and advisors have never taken time to look back at issues of  truancy and the role of god parents and marajin and dullahin.  All these folks have roles but these days they have all migrated. Complete villages – all you have now is police and thief; thief and chief.  Families used to be mommy, daddy and picknie.  They all had chores and rituals.  Jagdeo and Ramotar nullify all these onions and mek it bajee…everybody running or got runnings.  None of these presidents have a hobby or a pastime and so Guyanese … creative as they are…monkey-see-monkey-do.

There was a time too when every GT binnie used to aspire, perspire and conspire to have a policeman  as a beau but now they have fresh eold fuh dem.  Police is no longer real-man.  And as part of the regime to get even, they are shooting the sons of the potential dates and immediate past laisons in their back, buttocks and brains.  Police does pass fuh grass in Gt; the time is now to have a turn-around government and police administrator.  Rohee is not good enough and the pressure is on.

No policeman in Guyana rides a push bike or walks a beat anymore.  Horses are only seen at ceremonial occasions.  Some officers have gotten so sophisticated that they do not even operate from precincts anymore; they operate from drug houses and safe houses financed by PPP executives.  Now that Commish Greene has been deleted the Roger Khan clan and hangers-on are being routed out by  new Commish Leroy Brummel.

When Clement Rohee leaves too you will also see some fresh faces and some more fresh ones with fresh-cold and snat even coming thru their ears…not only nose.  Brummel ent got kinna; all the guilty ones will be found and brought to justice day by day.  There will also be night courts and special regional courts to stop the killing and maligning of predominatntly black youths.

INTERPOL has been tapped to assist with international investigations and liaisons by Gt executives and envoys who have been shipping gold, timber, rice, cocaine et al overseas.  Jagdeo too who seems to have a problem with big things…big houses, big hotels, big bamboo, big planes and now he wants to lock-off Demerara House as his legacy …  Brummel has a problem with that.

Meanwhile, St Vincent authorities is also getting  INTERPOL to delve into the backgrounds of  seven Guyanese caught recently with 314 blank credit cards, computers, binoculars and  specialty  ATM equipment on their island.


Rizan Mohamed Meerza,Surendra Sookdeo,Kevin Orindio McLennan, Aslam Kayum, Devindra Singh


Another cardinal sin that the PPP committed was to maintain the Demerara Harbor Bridge at US .50 cents.  At fifty cents young people from Bartica, Essequibo, Pomeroon all the islands including West Demerara and points beyond to remain in town all day and all night.  Residents going to these far-flung areas can get a mini bus anytime and link up with outboard taxis anytime of the day or night.  A towel takes you anyplace anytime.  I know of folks personally leaving Suddie at 8.00 pm by motor-bike and travelling thru to Liverpool on the Corentyne.  These boys and girls drink up, sport up and waking up in they are bed back in Suddie by day-clean.  The only tell-tale sign is a slight fresh cold the next day from being on the river on a water taxi.

Berbicians have to pay the equivalent of US 11.00 to cross the Berbice River Bridge and so their visits to the capital are few and far between.  You cannot even get a bottle of water or a beer for US fifty cents but yet still the police is saddled with the responsibility of keeping watch on all these additional bodies all day and  night long.

These folks have no work and banks practice something called “facial apartheid” and this is what gives the women especially fresh cold.  Tears run out of the eyes of the Guyanese women and fresh cold stream down their noses as they seek new answers and cry death, destruction, distrust, disdain and dismay in Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee.  Jagdeo is always on a roll to escape culpability but folks may have fresh cold but leaving Ramotar to dabble in fresh-counx is counter-revolutionary.  That too is a crime in the eyes of  pbys….predominantly black youths.

The playing field is not level in so many different ways.  Young women have to work now as gas station attendants because young men look down on those jobs.  Women have to work in restaurants and cook shops all day and all night and the men keep drinking and drinking and drinking like if drinks going out of style.  This too gives them fresh cold.

Guyanese policemen must be put on a diet of objectivity.  Recruits too must be women as distinct from being feminine.  Recruits must be referred and not captured because of their facial outlook.  The force must also be a profession and not a job “because nutten else ent-deh.”

Great policemen like Emerson Simon who became a Permanent Secretary must be epitomized.  Michael Somersault is still a practicing lawyer in Guyana; Papa Wills was not only a lawyer but he became the first landlord of former Commish Henry Greene.  John Campbell became an author and Grovesnor too became a lawyer.

The children of some of these old policemen also went on to be lawyers, doctors, specialists, veterinarians, playwrights and sculptors.  The PPP has made policing a dead-end job.  The PPP made policing a ‘pussy-watchman’ enterprise and this has brought fresh cold to the nation.  But a new day is dawning; these tears may be of sorrow but in the new day the fresh cold will be one of joy.  AMEN.


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