By Ewalt Ainsworth

Predominantly black youths PBYs…males and females….. will cut classes, work & play  and  take to the streets and delete Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee from active duty.  And do not be surprised if Crime Chief Seelall Persaud and his incompetent self is moth-balled as an addendum to right side the trigger-happy in-experienced Guyana Police Force.

From a psychological point of view, violence is an antidote to fear.  The PPP fears its own shadow; the time is now to protest peacefully…clog the lines of communication including bridges and centers of influence..    The death of  Dameon Belgrave on the eve  of his 22nd  birthday is one too many.            

PBYs will draw a line in the sand and will not retreat until there are new rules of engagement.  The country can no longer afford to lose another generation to the streets./  La Repentir has run out of space and floods have turned the graves in  #- 42-water-side sideways.   Some  emotional-types like  the police  have not been exposed to  a higher learning in which  issues of class, race, diversity, pluralism and even commonsense are imparted.    Rohee does not know better and Seelall lacks the facility of knowledge.  The leadership in the force is weak and tweaked by drugs, corruption and greed.

Friday night last, policemen in Georgetown ambushed some presumably innocent youths who were having fun.   Rohee has made it official that wherever two and three are gathered it is correct to shoot, kill, maim and or disfigure.  PBYs are not taking this one; coolie jumbie will frighten Rohee.

Next training session in 2013; women will be the predominant recruits as force planners are taking a hard look at new and creative ways to stem the loss of confidence in the young men who form the core and bulk of the force.

Many, many years ago…1973 to be precise, this writer was stationed at Fort Wellington.  Early one Monday morning, Superintendent-in-charge…Rocko-Robinson got a message that there was a shooting at the #29  Government School in West Berbice…a mere  five miles due West.

Rocko himself took the keys of the only available vehicle…a FUSO  MITISBUSHI truck with a 30 foot-tray.  When he got to the school in split seconds, the Principal….Ms.  Elvarene Wilson had taken away the gun from her deputy…a  man named Donald P. Monah.  Monah was also known as  .. macadingo…the devil’s bride; the truck used to be called the “slave-ship.”  Rocko was able to negotiate the truck in  along the fair weather dam but climbing out was difficult…there was no place to turn around.  Rocko eventually put the vehicle in reverse and stood on the stair well with one foot on the accelerator and one hand on the wheel. …and backed that thing out.

This is only half the story.  The mitigating circumstances were Mr. Monah was appointed the area’s supervising elections officer and was authorized and given as weapon for his security etc.  He never used a gun in his life and never heard one go off.  At Assembly that brisk Monday morning was the place and time Mr. Monsah chose to squeeze the trigger.

The school had about 700 children…boys in khaki outfits and girls in red kimonas.  They all  burst-and-scatter.  Some ran across fields without stopping.  Others ended up beyond the line dam while some other too in sheer fear…never heard a gun in their life, never came back to school.  Yet other, jumped in the freshly dug MMA canal and walked at the bottom for miles never raising until they reached polder.

At the end of the day, Ms. Wilson had to report back to Fort Wellington and in a brief statement said that “a gun is too much power in the hands of a young man,. especially when everybody knows everybody.”

Mr. Monah wanted the entire nation to know that he was a man of power and influence.  Sad to say, history has a strange way of repeating itself.  Too many men in Guyana without the necessary training and orientation are handed power by merely signing a log book to uplift a weapon.

  • The produce vendor at Bourda market or Stabroek is better trained than policemen who joined the force since the PPP took office.
  • Too many of the professional police men have to do personal security details  while others have to work as decoys from shopping centers and airports catering to the elite.
  • This year the GPF is on target to kill 592 PDYs
  • This year the GPF is on target for stripping away the licenses and prosecuting policemen for rape, murder, fraud and AWOL.  Rohee, Seelall and Hicken will highlight this list.
  • Here is a list of some fallen Guyanese shot and killed in various neighborhoods by Joint Services and others… many of them by policemen moonlighting for those in power.

Read also the list of: Some of those killed byPolice and others recently



By Guyana Youth & Student Movement

Saturday 6th October 2012


 The Guyana Youth and Student Movement (GYSM) is outraged by the news of the Friday October 5th shooting to death of 21 year old Dameon Belgrave, allegedly by a member of the Guyana Police Force. We understand that just as in the case of Agricola youth Shaquille Grant, this youth met his demise mere hours before he would have celebrated his birthday.

This shooting comes at a time when relatives and friends continue to mourn the loss Shaquille Grant who was shot and killed by a member of the Guyana Police Force less than one month ago; it comes almost three months after members of the Guyana Police Force shot and killed three young men in Linden; and it comes at a time when there is an ongoing Commission of inquiry to determine the precise circumstances surrounding the death of those three Lindeners.

One would have also thought these killings and the killings in recent years of Yohance Douglas and Kelvin Fraser would have taught the Minister of Home Affairs, Police Commissioner and the Crime Chief several valuable lessons, but clearly, they have learnt nothing.

Members of The Guyana Police Force seem to have not a single remorseful bone in their bodies.

The GYSM Executive is now fearful for the lives and safety of all Guyana’s youth, especially young males. Though we believe that our citizens must be free to go about their daily activities without fear; we however at this time call on all young people to be extra alert.

In addition to the continuous call for the resignation of Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, the GYSM at this time calls for there to be training for the superiors of the force or they too must be removed forthwith – Police Commissioner Leroy Brummell must take control of his ranks.

The GYSM condemns this most recent act of the shooting of one of our nation’s youth and expresses condolence to relatives and friends of young man who was killed.

 Guyana Youth & Student Movement

Congress Place, Sophia. Georgetown, Guyana

Saturday 6thOctober 2012

 Visit our website at www.guyanapnc.org or www.pncrguyana.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gysm.guyana


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