ATM Targeted? Guyanese remanded in St.Vincent


ATM Targeted? Guyanese remanded in St.Vincent

Written by Demerara Waves
Friday, 05 October 2012 16:22

Rizan Mohamed Meerza,Surendra Sookdeo,Kevin Orindio McLennan, Aslam Kayum, Devindra Singh­­ (pictures from The Vincentian newspaper)

By: William Kojah Anthony

(THE VINCENTIAN NEWSPAPER).- Five men and two women, all from Guyana, have been remanded into custody until February 4. The names were given as Rizwan Mohamed Meerza, Kevin Orindio McLennan, Aslam Mohamed Kayum, Surendra Sookdeo, and Devindra Singh, along with females Savitrie Sookraj and Gangadai Sookdeo.

The seven appeared before Senior Magistrate Sonya Young last Wednesday and faced three counts of conspiracy to commit the offence of burglary.      

According to information from the court, the accused were met with ATM related devices which the Police suspected would be used to commit fraudulent activities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The indictments stemmed from investigations by the Police following the arrival of the guests at the E.T Joshua Airport, Sunday, September 30. Among items in the visitors’ possession were 314 data cards, two scanners with cameras, two red handle pliers, magnifying glass, two data card readers, cords, a drill, X-ray paper, and a Toshiba Lap top.

Prosecutor Nigel Butcher objected to bail for the seven on the grounds that they being non-nationals presented a flight risk.

(see source and comments below)

The team was nabbed after their actions aroused suspicions. The Prosecutor pointed out that investigations into the team’s activities were ongoing, and that enquiries went beyond this jurisdiction.

Magistrate Young was not interested in details surrounding the planned sojourn of the accused here.

Prosecutor Butcher indicated, however, that one of the accused named Palm Island as the place he intended to stay, and when asked how he was going to reach there, indicated that he planned to get there by car.

Lawyer Grant Connell, acting on behalf of the accused, argued that not knowing how to get to Palm Island did not deem that person a flight risk.

The defense attorney outlined that, even though the accused were foreigners, if they provided necessary sureties and could ensure that they turn up for courts, bail ought to be granted.

Connell indicated that their documents could have been surrendered, which would have eliminated the flight risk factor.

Magistrate Young observed that the persons had no “ties to the community.”

The Magistrate remanded the seven into custody and reminded them that they were open to apply to the High Court to secure bail.

Lawyer Connell advised the court that the file involving the accused could be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for him to determine if there was enough evidence to continue with the charges.

Magistrate Young advised the defense lawyer that if the Prosecution was ready before February 4, she was willing to accommodate them.


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