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BY  EWALT AINSWORTH            10 04 2012

M.C. Walters

Veteran educationist, pharmacist and real estate developer Maurice Cyril (emcee) Walters died in his adopted hometown of Edmonton, Canada.  He is survived by his wife Anne Farley-Walters and four adult children.

Before he left Guyana in 1964 Maurice resided at Kingeley, West Coast Berbice (Region Five).  He was a school teacher in the area and proceeded to London in pursuit of higher education.  It was in London that he met his wife Anne, a practicing pharmacist and they tied the nuptial knot after a brief courtship.  

Shortly after marriage, they re-migrated to Edmonton, in the province of Alberta where he settled and over time, became a professor, Schools Education Superintendent and mentor to kids in the community.  His four adult children…Aldous, Brennan, Marsha and Gavin still live in the area and are all professionals and self supporting.

Maurice was born November 5, 1938 and never returned to Guyana.  As an encore profession he became an entrepreneur and managed and owned a number of pharmacies.  He also dabbled in Real Estate and became a prominent home builder and successful businessman.  His network was his networth.   He also wrote books and was consulted by the local government on ways and means to improve the lives of immigrant entrants to the region.

Maurice is the second of six children…Ivor, Jerry, Keto, Patrick and sister Gwen. In Berbice they owned the family dispensary and specialty store.  It is still standing and up to five years ago, his older brother Ivor managed things before migrating to Connecticut. His parents were Teacher Baby (Francis) and Adlom,…both deceased.

Maurice also has three grand children.  He will be sorely missed.

In Memory of:

Cyril Maurice Walters

 November 5, 1938 – September 26, 2012   —

Obituary; Photos; Condolence Book etc..


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